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Leveraging Science and Technology for Hiring, Retention, and Workforce Development

ZERORISK HR is a cutting-edge human capital software development and consulting firm that helps companies identify, hire, develop, and retain top talent. Our technology combines a Nobel-nominated science with talent management and talent data analytics software to assist companies in managing the entire employee life cycle. Our human capital management solution objectively identifies the Thinking DNA of the workforce and assists business leaders in aligning the human capital strategy with the corporate strategy to maximize profits.

Our human capital management solutions include an Emotional Intelligence Pre-employment Assessment, HRCI-Approved Behavioral Interview Training, Talent Data Analytics, Individual Contributor Development, Manager Development, Communication & Team Development, and consulting to align the human capital strategy with the business strategy.

Screening & Selection Strategic Workforce Planning Employee & Team Development

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Discover Your Blind Spots

Discover Your Blind Spots

How to stop repeating everyday business mistakes, by Dr. Bob Smith

Getting Through

Getting Through

How to get your message through to a defensive person, by Dr. Bob Smith