Recruiting and Outplacement Services

Career Evolutions provides human capital solutions that are comprehensive, are easy to understand, and enhance an organization's overall performance with bottom line results. Their Team of Executive Recruiters is dedicated to matching professional to employer, and they do this with the utmost integrity and discretion, knowing that they have done their job when you are able to do yours. Their team of seasoned career development and staffing professionals understands that no two careers evolve in the same manner or pace and that no vacancy is identical to another.

Malcolm Baldrige Coaching

Are you seeking improved organizational alignment and performance excellence in ​leadership, ​strategic ​planning, ​customer and ​market ​focus, ​measurement, ​analysis, ​knowledge ​management, ​workforce ​focus, and ​process ​management? Would you like to improve your results in each of these categories? The Criteria for Performance Excellence from the Baldrige National Quality Program can help you by providing a strategic framework for leadership and management in your organization, no matter what type or size. Let us help you learn and implement the systems and processes that are on the leading edge of validated management practices and whose best practitioners are awarded by the president of the United States each year. We have first-hand experience in helping/leading organizations in conducting the self-assessments and improvements needed to compete and win in Baldrige-based award programs at the state and national levels. Please visit us at

Recruitment Advertising

Self Opportunity, Inc., is an experienced ​recruitment ​advertising ​agency focused on providing its clients a variety of recruiting services, helping them make quality hires at the lowest possible cost. Services include recruitment advertising, recruitment open houses, candidate pre-screening searches, resume sourcing, contract staffing, permanent placement, job board contract negotiation, and employment branded ​Web design/job boards.

Workforce Transformations

Roxanne Emmerich (The Emmerich Group) is one of the most applauded businesswomen in the United States. She is listed by Sales and Marketing Management magazine as one of the 12 most requested speakers in the nation for her unparalleled ability to create immediate, profound, and sustainable transformations for her clients. Her client list includes many of the fastest growing companies in the world and others that needed an immediate turnaround in order to survive.

Workforce Compliance

Complí inspires confidence by providing workforce compliance management tools to meet your workforce compliance demands. We ensure the right activities happen at the right time and nothing slips through the cracks, making your compliance initiatives actionable and auditable. Complí enables organizations to rest easy knowing all their compliance obligations are under control. Learn about Complí.

HR Services

Don Phin, Esq. is a veteran employment lawyer, HR expert, and executive coach. He is a frequent presenter to Vistage CEOs and other executive groups nationwide. Visit his website for a great blog and plenty of free tools!

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