“Thank God It’s Monday!”

Mar 15, 2016

Thank God It

Can you imagine hearing yourself and your co-workers say, "Thank God it's Monday!" every week? Roxanne Emmerich, president and CEO of The Emmerich Group, knows what it can be like to have a team dread the start to every week. Transform your work culture by implementing clear values and expectations for your employees to develop a whole new positive environment. If your team isn't applying everything they have to each and every project, your company won't be running on all cylinders—and it may fall behind the competition. One dollar out of every three payroll dollars is lost due to disengaged employees, Emmerich explains in the 2009 podcast "Thank God It's Monday," recorded for ZERORISK HR by Human Capital Institute.

Think back to your first day on the job. Starting out, you yearned to make a difference in the company and truly were motivated to get the job done. But employees often end up working alongside those who simply aim for mediocrity. This behavior can cause others to quit, so managers need to work to eliminate behaviors such as excuses, whining, and​ aiming for the average result. By communicating values and the vision for the company, you can create immediate culture change and achieve tangible results.

Emmerich describes implementing the value proposition as the fun that comes from committing to exceptional outcomes and building a results-focused company and culture. And in successful organizations, every person can state the value that drives them to performance. If you worked in an environment like that, wouldn't you be glad to get back to it every Monday?

Managers' attitudes and behaviors will have an effect on the entire staff. Take advantage of this contagious result by communicating a positive and energetic expectation of tackling every business challenge. Engage values by expecting each employee to be a service to others in the industry—customers, coworkers, and the community. But you might realize that you have a few bad apples on your team. Simply having a conversation about their level of excitement will help them realize the effect they may have on the team. According to Emmerich, 90 percent of employees who hear this conversation decide to step-up and become rock star employees.

By defining values with non-negotiables, such as no whining or gossiping, the team can hold each other accountable. Emmerich calls it "tight," referring to a place of consistency and maintaining standards. Many employees have reported they don't know the non-negotiables for their team, which eliminates team accountability. Accountability and consistent standards and values allow team members to work together to strive for greatness rather than involving managers when unnecessary.

Every company must work together to define their shared values to create results. By generating an open environment of vision, accountability, and commitment, your team can stand out with a competitive edge for future hires and customers. Huddle together every Monday morning to discuss a vision for the week and give a pep talk among the team. "Thank God it's Monday" might become a phrase ringing through the office much more often!

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