And the Award Goes to… Your Best Employees!

Feb 23, 2016

And the Award Goes to… Your Best Employees!

Being chosen as an Oscar nominee can be very similar to choosing your next rock star employee. The nomination process, just like the hiring and retention journey in your company, can be complicated and difficult to understand. But creating a clear strategy to find (and keep) the next award-winning employee will catapult your company to become the gold standard of your industry. Through the simple steps of benchmarking, you can hire your best employees again and again.

When it comes to tabulating the Oscar votes, it takes about 1,700 hours—all of which must be heavily supervised. But the team is trusted with this overwhelming task because their leaders have made them accountable to do it right. Encourage your employees and candidates to take responsibility for their job duties and to give "blockbuster performances." According to Dr. Robert K. Smith, an industrial psychologist and management consultant, companies that succeed focus nearly 80 percent of their time and resources on top-producing, quality employees.

Would you like to hire more employees who are worthy of trophies than mediocre performers? Joining the Academy takes work and dedication to the business, but so does devoting time to identifying and retaining prized employees. To determine the profile of a star employee for your company in a specific department and job title, avoid leading to a "bad fit" hire and utilize benchmark studies. Benchmarking assesses each employee through a scientific process, which may take time, but it will allow you to identify top talent within and outside your company.

In each award category, a "magic number" is devised—once a potential nominee reaches that number through ballots, he or she becomes an official nominee. Employees affect the bottom line and are crucial to customer relations—benchmark their work subjectively and objectively within their department to find where your employees sit on the scale from average to Oscar-worthy. The "magic number" of benchmarking—the criteria—must be current and cover more than just the minimum requirements of the job advertised in the job description. This will also assist in incorporating the manager's style into the resulting benchmark—after all, you wouldn' want your star performer leaving due to a poor manager.

To determine "whom the award goes to," subjective factors such as style, strengths, and weaknesses of current employees must be measured in objective ways rather than just through a personal interview. By using behavioral assessment tests in this type of benchmark study, core competencies will be listed in the winning envelope of success! Traits to help identify successful tools to complete the job, and possibly some new factors that may not have been considered previously, can be uncovered through benchmark studies. Applying these critical objective factors to candidate profiles will enhance the chances of hiring the right person the first time.

Approaching the 88th Academy Awards, it is clear that celebrating achievements and honoring excellence is timeless. Continuing to benchmark will ensure that the changing needs of your company will be reflected in your hiring process for years to come. For more information on applying benchmark studies to your own company, seek advice in How To Hire Your Best Employees...Again: A Guide To Identifying Top Talent To Give Your Company A Competitive Edge, by ZERORISK HR President Mike Poskey.

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