Is Your Company Culture by Design or Default?

Sep 20, 2016

Is Your Company Culture by Design or Default

It can be simple to classify your company in a specific industry or customer market, but company culture often falls into a gray area. Sometimes underrated, yet invaluable, the culture of a company is just as important as what it does and whom it serves. Think of it as the engine in a car. A strong, well-functioning engine is more capable of providing a vehicle with faster acceleration and better performance, much like a robust, well-adapted company culture allows organizations to thrive.

Does your organization have a culture it strives to maintain, or is your organization set on cruise control, blindly accepting a culture by default, not by design? Just like driving, you never know where you want to go without knowing where you are, but a high-performing culture should be on your radar.

Consider the automotive industry. If a car dealership suffers from a lax culture that doesn't empower its employees with product knowledge and sufficient motivators to encourage high performance, employees will go elsewhere. The same holds true for customers. Without high levels of customer service, people will leave—customers will go where they feel appreciated, salespeople listen, and service people educate. There is no room for a sales-only mentality. The culture in an auto dealership directly affects customer satisfaction, which in turn affects sales and profit.

When company culture is not intentionally shaped, organizations can unintentionally fuel a negative culture. Just like a car, without routine maintenance, all parts will suffer and fail over time. A negative company culture can easily get out of control, affecting employee engagement and performance and customer loyalty, and will certainly hinder an organization from reaching its full potential. It is imperative to create a company culture where employees love to work and feel empowered to supply customers with the company's products and services.

Managers, you must realize that you can never create a team that is different from yourself. It is crucial to exemplify behaviors you want to see from those under your management—share the culture! Culture is very much a top-down commitment, and company leaders must be intentional with positive efforts to craft the desired culture. You must focus on employee engagement and satisfaction.

What can you do to motivate high performance?

  • Brainstorm with employees—listen to what they want from their work environment, and get feedback on management styles.
  • Invest in employee training—offer employee development opportunities.
  • Create positive rituals—celebrate small victories in ways such as habitually recognizing team and individual employee accomplishments.

If your company's culture has taken a wrong turn, it's time to get back on track. An intentional, positive change will impact your employees' performance and bring your business more sales and repeat customers. Company culture is a road map for success if you ensure your business is taking the correct route, but it has to be intentional.

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