The Effects of Stress in the Workplace: Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally

May 12, 2015

The Effects of Stress in the Workplace

Everyone can identify what things trigger stress in their life, and many people know how to best counteract that in their personal life. Stress can cause anxiety, rapid heart rate, and sweating, among other things, which in the long run can affect a person's health. With stress, employees are known to be fatigued, less motivated, and less able to do their jobs, decreasing the overall productivity and attitude of the organization. Workplace stress, according to The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, is regularly experienced by at least 40 percent of employees in the United States. With the help of ZERORISK HR, we can help you and other managers understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employees—and utilize their strengths to your advantage. Creating a workplace that reduces job-related stress with the help of different programs, such as the Clear Direction Team and Communication Development Program, could help increase workplace performance, employee loyalty, and overall retention.

The definition of stress is "a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances." Some people experience stress over sudden situations, such as an unexpected mess or a surprise mother-in-law visit. More common and typically long term is job-related stress. A stressful work environment can result in burnout, depression, and even psychological disorders. An employee who is experiencing an overload of stress may neglect their duties, causing their organization to lose money. Managers or supervisors should monitor employee behavior to watch for signs of discomfort or stress among their employees.

The overall mental health of the workplace can also be affected by stress. Many claim that stress can be "contagious" among coworkers, and dissatisfaction can be a common topic discussed among colleagues. The consequence of management not efficiently identifying stress in a team can result in disruption of the team chemistry, a decrease in overall productivity, and an overall aggressive mentality. Through effective communication and interaction, managers have the opportunity to discuss job satisfaction, personal health, and the social culture of the workplace with their employees.

ZERORISK HR offers a Clear Direction Team and Communication Development Program that can provide a comparison of managers' and employees' emotional intelligence competencies and motivators. This program enables managers to become efficiently equipped to manage their teams more effectively. A few benefits include improved employee engagement, elevated team morale, and heightened employee commitment and accountability. Improving the communication and team focus will allow the manager to work out the kinks—alleviating and coping with the related workplace stress suffered by many employees.

That said, stress can also be a good thing for employees—in moderation. If an event causes stress, there is increased tension, but if the employee returns back to a relaxed state, such stress can actually stimulate creativity and higher productivity. The issue becomes a problem when stress is constant and overwhelming for an employee. Stress management is key to maintaining employees' mental, physical, and emotional states. While employees combat stress on their own, by participating in regular exercise and making smart food choices, for example, managers can help as well. Managers should consult with employees and improve communication in a friendly, social climate. Also, managers can work to help understand and improve the overall emotional intelligence of the workplace. ZERORISK HR's program will provide an analysis of the emotional intelligence and provide counsel on how to effectively communicate with and motivate employees.

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