Hiring Insight: Using Emotional Intelligence to Generate ROI

Sep 19, 2017


Every company needs to generate a Return on Investment to maintain growth and deliver revenue for key stakeholders. The issue is that most companies focus on the cost-benefit analysis of tangible elements such as physical inventory and real property.

The companies that advance in the marketplace, though, understand how to generate ROI from their human capital workforce. How is this accomplished? By understanding how to use emotional intelligence to unlock alignment in your employees.

Studying emotional intelligence will help your team uncover the core motivators of each person in your workforce. Then, you can match these core motivators to the ideal persona of an employee in their role. This will allow you to discover whether each employee aligns with their role. If not, then you need to evaluate whether changes need to be made.

You might be asking why emotional intelligence is so important for unlocking alignment to create a more productive workforce. We will answer that question in this article and offer examples of how this process created significant ROI for real companies.

How Does Emotional Intelligence Link to Alignment?

One of the misconceptions about measuring emotional intelligence is that it's like taking a personality test. In actuality, emotional intelligence assessments go much deeper into an individual's core motivators and personality tests are not reliable for making hiring and retention decisions.

A true assessment of emotional intelligence unlocks the motivating factors of each employee to assess their performance capabilities and current productivity in their assigned role.

When an employee is placed in a role that requires them use skills that are core to their being, they will thrive and produce for your company.

However, if an employee is placed in a role where they are unqualified or required to use skills that are unnatural to them, this individual will be drained of energy and motivation. The absence of motivation leads to de-motivation, hurting productivity.

Measuring emotional intelligence in your employees is vital to ensuring that each employee is aligned with their role and has the skills required to perform at a high level for your company.

Additionally, there are other important emotional intelligence elements when managing employees that will generate ROI from your human capital.

Unlock the Successful Thinking Patterns in Your Employees

Once you measure emotional intelligence in each employee and align the individual with the proper role, you can identify their thinking patterns that lead to success.

This information will also allow you to help each employee improve in their role by identifying blind spots that are preventing the employee from reaching maximum potential.

When these blind spots are identified, your team can provide training and coaching that focuses on addressing blind spots to continue growing in their role and increasing productivity.

There is also a key long-term benefit to unlocking the thinking patterns in your employees. As you gather more information about each employee, you can make more informed hiring decisions by matching candidates to the top performers in your company.

This will allow you to continue building teams of effective, aligned employees by knowing precisely the type of candidate that would fit in key roles when hiring.

The results indicate a transformative effect on companies when they assess emotional intelligence in employees and then utilize that information to build more productive teams.

How Emotional Intelligence Generates ROI in Real Companies

The cost savings from using emotional intelligence to align employees with key roles includes:

  • Lower costs associated with turnover.
  • Reduction in wasted time from managing demotivated employees.
  • More efficient use of time for managers when employees are motivated.
  • Higher productivity from employees in roles where they are motivated and can thrive.

Here are four examples of companies from across various industries who were successful after they implemented this emotional intelligence strategy.

- The salespeople in a particular company who best matched the assessment of a successful salesperson produced 400 percent more than salespeople who ranked low to medium in the same emotional intelligence assessment.

- A company won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for service after they implemented emotional intelligence hiring tools, leadership development programs, interview training for their hiring managers, and an accountability process to confirm alignment.

- A third company added $32 million to their bottom line through the process of increasing retention by more than 67 percent because they used emotional intelligence to align employees with the proper role.

- In an industry requiring heavy labor, a company lowered lost time injuries by almost 50 percent after employees were aligned with the right role.

As you can see from these examples, the higher the emotional intelligence of your company, the higher productivity and profitability. To learn more about how to implement this process to generate positive ROI from your human capital, consider the ZERORISK Hiring System for your hiring needs.

ZERORISK helps organizations build great cultures by identifying, developing, and retaining top talent. The ZERORISK Hiring System blends a revolutionary behavioral science with state-of-the-art technology to reduce unwanted turnover and improve employee performance. For more information contact us at (800) 827-5991.

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