Show Your Employees the Love for Valentine’s Day

Feb 09, 2016

Show Your Employees the Love for Valentine’s Day

Whether you're single, married, or would rather avoid the thought of celebrating Valentine's Day altogether, there are people you can show "love" to (with no strings attached) that you may have never even considered! In the office, comments of appreciation and recognition of employees' success can go a long way toward establishing a long-term relationship. According to the Forbes article by Josh Bersin, titled New Research Unlocks the Secret of Employee Recognition, companies that scored in the top 20% for building a 'recognition-rich culture' actually had 31% lower voluntary turnover rates! As a manager, recognizing your employees for their results and hard work during this season of love can actually improve your team's performance in the long run.

Implement some (or all) of the following mushy and appreciative ideas for your team to show how you adore them this Valentine's Day.

  • Throw a party! Whether this means just a simple pizza lunch (heart-shaped pizza, anyone?) or a themed Friday night work party, allow your employees to feel the love and let loose for a bit. Create the opportunity to really highlight how hard your team has worked.
  • Get affectionate (appropriately). Take the time to write a personal thank you note to show how much you care. Never forget how much your employees will remember the little things!
  • Cherish your workplace. Does your work space encourage productivity or is it lacking in some pizzazz? Spruce up the place and treat your employees for their dedication to a new espresso machine or a Ping-Pong table!
  • Create a culture of love! Open and transparent communication between executives and staff can keep ideas fresh and productivity alive and allow the work culture to embrace appreciation and empowerment.
  • Face time melts the heart! Spending time to connect with your employees on a personal level will help highlight their strengths and weaknesses. Doing this daily (if possible) will keep the yearning to succeed strong!
  • Make their dreams come true. Team development shows that you have a commitment to helping your staff achieve their dreams and goals. Treat your employees to a day of working together to build as individuals and leaders—ultimately developing as a stronger team.

Be sure to treasure your employees this Valentine's Day! Where would you and the company be without them? Inspire your staff to be the best they can be by making the commitment to be the best partner, manager, and encourager you can be. What is your favorite way to express your workplace love to your employees?

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