Finding the Perfect CEO

Jun 09, 2015

Finding the Perfect CEO

The chief executive officer (CEO) of your organization can be defined as the highest-ranking person who is ultimately responsible for making important managerial decisions for the company. This position requires leadership, responsibility, and the ability to serve the company and understand the needs of the work team. Finding the perfect CEO can be a daunting and time-consuming task. But at ZERORISK HR, we know a few ways to help you find the perfect CEO. Through our preemployment testing and hiring assessments, we can ensure that your next CEO will be the perfect fit for your company.

Know Your Organization. Understanding what your company needs will be key to understanding who will be able to solve those needs. Even considerations such as company size, office culture, and market position will help outline the focus of where the next CEO should take your company. Another consideration is looking internally. It is very common to promote within the current staff. CEO Worldwide reports that, currently, only 22 percent of CEOs in the United States are hired externally. According to Dr. Robert K. Smith, industrial psychologist and management consultant, promoting from within can be highly effective. But knowing the needs of your organization must remain the top priority. Don't promote someone simply based on seniority - consider all employees' qualifications and accomplishments. Keep an open mind, and then take time to focus on each applicant.

Get To Know Your Potential CEO. Once you've narrowed down the pool of applicants to ideal candidates, focus on their individual traits and what they can bring to the table. Take a look at how their personality and work ethic would complement the current company culture. When researching each candidate, place importance on effective listeners and those who use their leadership to encourage and support the rest of the team. Successful leaders take employees' concerns seriously and push their employees to be the best they can be. Dr. Smith outlines a few questions to consider when looking at someone who has not held a CEO position before.

  • Does the person build relationships both within and outside of the company?
  • Is he or she already handling certain responsibilities handled by CEOs?
  • Has the person won the allegiance and support of the people at the company?
  • Has the person promoted good people?
  • Have others grown under his or her leadership?

These questions should help guide you to learn more about the candidates and should also guide you toward other questions to get to know your potential new CEO.

Remember the Tools Available to You. Preemployment assessment tests can help determine the traits and characteristics of each of the CEO candidates - eliminating much of the risk in the hiring process. The ZERORISK Hiring System includes personality testing and measuring emotional intelligence. These two factors are objectively measured and create consistency in the hiring process, as well as ensure you are hiring the top performer for your next CEO.

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