Five Ways To Ace Your Phone Interview in Today’s Mobile World

Jun 07, 2016

Five Ways To Ace Your Phone Interview in Today’s Mobile World

While most human resources managers have always advised providing a landline phone number for phone interviews, in today's society many people may not even own a landline phone! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4​8 percent of ​American ​homes in 2015 ​had only a cell phone rather than having a personal landline. There are many tips to successfully complete a phone interview to make it to the next round of hiring, but how do they apply to those of us constantly moving with our cell phones attached to our hip?

  1. Be prepared for the phone interview. Most companies reach out to set an appointed time for a phone interview. Whether it is a block of time or just a set appointment, have any materials you may need ready and in front of you. Since you'll be on your cell phone, you can't pull up your résumé to review it while on the phone with the hiring manager. Print your cover letter, résumé, or any other pertinent documents early. Treating this interview just like an in-person interview is key to moving forward in the hiring process!
  2. Find somewhere quiet to take the call. Whether you have to run to the grocery store or work remotely, take the time to find a quiet space for your interview. This could even mean stepping out and sitting in your car. (Just make sure you take your phone off Bluetooth to avoid the echo!)
  3. Use a reliable phone connection. This is the biggest issue that can come along with taking your phone interview on your cell phone. If you know you're likely to drop calls from your apartment or house, find another quiet space you frequent. For example, sit outside a nearby coffee shop and call a friend to make sure your calls don't drop in that area!
  4. Create a restful environment. Wherever you might be, grab a glass of water and set yourself up for the phone call 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Be sure to charge your cell phone and put notifications on silent to eliminate distractions throughout the call.
  5. Be prepared for an unannounced phone call. Sometimes hiring managers call to interview without any notice. If you are uncomfortable taking the call on your cell phone at that time, schedule another time to speak. Or, if you prefer to screen your calls while you're not available, make your voicemail professional so the caller can leave a message for you.

Although technology and hiring are evolving, the interview process must continue to be professional. While you might think it's hard to not accept a phone call from a hiring manager when you're out to lunch with friends, we recommend rescheduling for a time that works best for you to give ​him or her your undivided attention.

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