Your Guide to Hiring Analytical Individuals for Banking, Accounting, and IT

Mar 14, 2017

Your Guide to Hiring Analytical Individuals for Banking, Accounting, and IT

How people think is as unique as each individual mind. A person's thinking tendencies greatly influence his or her ability to excel—or struggle—in various job roles. As we've discussed in previous posts, intrinsic, empathetic thinkers are excellent in customer service positions. Extrinsic, results-oriented thinkers make for successful salespeople. But what if you need to hire someone who thrives on processes and procedures? What types of individuals are ideal job candidates for banking, accounting, and IT roles? You need to attract systemic thinkers, people who value adherence and organization.

Systemic thinkers see the world as black and white, which allows these individuals to succeed in analytical job positions. How can you attract these job candidates? You can customize job descriptions to appeal to a systemic thinker's desire for certainty and safety in a position by using words and statements like the following:

  • Responsible, accountable, dependable
  • Persistent, proactive
  • Analytical,"see the picture"
  • Loyal, values-oriented, principled
  • High personal standards, self-discipline
  • Likes to do things right
  • Team-oriented
  • Good delegator
  • Security
  • Stability
  • Substance over sizzle
  • Benefits: contractual items the individual can rely upon

After appealing to the best types of candidates for analytical positions, you can investigate further during the interview process by asking specific questions to assess a candidate's inclination for adherence and accountability. Behavioral interview questions guide candidates into revealing examples of past job experiences, and can help you open a dialogue about how your company offers stability in the workplace.

In order to close a systemic thinker on a job, your best strategy is make the candidate aware of the rock solid position your company holds within its industry. Talk about benefits (i.e. 401k, vacation, medical and dental, etc.). Tell them how long other employees have been with the company. Talk about how everyone is part of a team striving toward a common goal. Discuss the company's mission statement and ask them if that particular mission is consistent with their values. Remember, if you want reliable, proactive, self-disciplined individuals in analytical positions at your company, attract and hire systemic thinkers.

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