Are You Attracting Competitive Closers?

Feb 28, 2017

Are You Attracting Competitive Closers

The best sales people know how to push for results to close a deal. If you are looking to add a new member to your sales team, how can you attract candidates who are competitive closers? You need to appeal to extrinsic thinking individuals, or people who are naturally energetic and ambitious. Motivated by financial gain, these individuals are willing to work late, welcome any challenge, and are driven to achieve personal success which in turn will help your business grow.

How can you attract these confident, risk-taking individuals to your sales team? Extrinsic thinkers are enticed by a company culture that offers the "most earning potential." You can customize job descriptions to appeal to this motivation by using words and statements like the following:

  • Productive; gets results; make things happen
  • Top company in its field
  • Striving to become the best
  • Competitive
  • Earn what you're worth
  • Be recognized for your good work
  • Realize your potential
  • Time is money
  • Fun environment; fast-paced environment
  • You'll win with us
  • High-energy
  • Politically adept or aware
  • Sociable; optimistic
  • Adaptive to changing circumstances; flexible
  • Risk-taker

After you've attracted the right types of individuals, you can delve deeper during the interview process by asking specific questions to assess a candidate's sales acumen. Behavioral interview questions can help you lead candidates into revealing their sales competencies, share examples of past sales experiences, and can help you reveal why your company is a great place for competitive closers to work.

Your best strategy for "selling" your company to an extrinsic thinker is to focus on their energy and desire to get tangible results. This plays to their desire for recognition, status, and positive outcomes. Make them feel like they are the "best" candidate that you have interviewed, and that you believe they will shine in their new role and help your organization. Keep in mind that people in this thinking orientation are naturally aware of and attentive to social, political, and practical aspects of business and people. If you want the most effective sales people on your team, make it a point to attract and close extrinsic thinkers—the types of individuals who will thrive on getting your business ahead.

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