Hiring for Digital Talent

Jul 23, 2019

Hiring Digital Talent

With technology changing and advancing daily, hiring tech savvy employees is a must. The term digital talent encompasses far more than how to use technology though. It’s the ability to use the knowledge and data from technology and then apply it. Critical thinking is becoming a highly valuable skill as more and more jobs requiring basic or repetitive tasks are replaced by automation.

What to Look for When Hiring

When putting together your digital talent strategy the key is finding employees that can apply what they’ve learned. In a digital environment, being able to learn quickly is less important than how well they’ve applied what they learned.

  1. Intrapersonal skills, also known as emotional intelligence, are the most important determinant of success in a digital business environment. Collaboration is a must when working with technology so just having the technical skills is not enough to have success. You must look for talent with high levels of emotional intelligence. This skill allows them to build strong working relationships which is key for collaboration.
  2. Continuous learning, innovation, and adaptability are a must in a digital environment. Technology is changing daily and so must your team’s knowledge. In order to stay ahead you will need to hire people who are motivated by learning and who are adaptable to change. Rigid, black and white thinkers will struggle in a digital environment. It will drain them of energy every time they have to adapt to a change.
  3. Able to apply well known competencies to digital context and processes. In order to have success in a digital environment you need to have employees that can apply business competencies to the digital world. Some of the most common competencies include but are not limited to:
    • Communication
    • Initiative
    • Team Building
    • Customer Service
    • Creativity

Understanding how to take these concepts and apply them to a digital environment will be a key factor in achieving success. While these competencies are not new, it takes critical thinking, patience, motivation, and willingness to look at things from a new perspective to strategize how to apply them to digital processes.

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