How Do You Define Your Organization’s Culture?

Oct 27, 2015

How Do You Define Your Organization’s Culture?

Every organization or company has its own core values, mission, and even corporate identity. For example, Coca-Cola can often cause your mind to think of polar bears or the term "happiness" and how the soda can have that effect on your personal life. To continue with this example, their mission is to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, and to create value and make a difference. This statement applies to inspiring these things not only in their consumers but also in their employees. Does your mission effectively empower and embrace your organization's culture?

Leaders in an organization shape the culture of the workplace. With a clear vision of what work culture is appropriate, core values, and the mission of the organization, employees can have a solid foundation on what is expected of them and where they and the organization are headed. Having time to create a conversation about what the employees believe these things are is a great place to start! But it is important to note that the discussion must ignite the fire to take action and, if necessary, change the ways the organization does things.

Corporate governance involves balancing all the interests of those who have a stake in your organization. Taking the opportunity to publicly take everyone into account from customers to shareholders and management will create a positive corporate identity. The more employees and customers feel a part of the organization's culture, the stronger they will feel about contributing to make it a success.

Below is some direction to get you started on the path toward nailing down the definition of your organization's culture.

  • Observe and listen. Take a moment to observe your team members and how they interact. Do they get along well and support each other's success? Is there a general happiness within the office? Are team members engaged?
  • Check out the numbers. Do you have a low turnover? Are production or sales numbers high?
  • Vision and values. Where do you as a leader see your organization headed? Is that communicated effectively throughout? What about how the organization will reach that goal?

Coca-Cola has created a consistent corporate brand image over time through communication—and you can do the same easily by taking a benchmark of where you are now, planning where you want to be, and working with your team members to create a clear strategy! Whether your organization's culture meshes well together or it needs a bit of work, ZERORISK HR can help develop you and your team members through personalized training and coaching!

ZERORISK helps organizations build great cultures by identifying, developing, and retaining top talent. The ZERORISK Hiring System blends a revolutionary behavioral science with state-of-the-art technology to reduce unwanted turnover and improve employee performance. For more information contact us at (800) 827-5991.

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