In the Spirit of Giving Back: How To Develop a Corporate Volunteer Program

Dec 15, 2015

In the Spirit of Giving Back

Implementing a volunteer program in your company has bountiful benefits for everyone involved. Not only does corporate volunteerism generate business value; it also provides aid to the community. They can be called corporate volunteer programs or employee volunteer programs, and these initiatives allow companies to make a difference in a more engaging way than (or in addition to) a financial contribution. The donation of time and experience has an effect on everyone involved!

ZERORISK HR has seen the intrinsic value of how helping others affects its team. Many employees have described it as "an amazing feeling" that "creates such gratitude for everything you have." Its employees currently volunteer with Vogel Alcove, an organization that provides free quality child development services for Dallas's youngest victims of poverty and homelessness, aged from 6 weeks to 5 years old. This program is the only one like it in the city of Dallas!

Our mission is to help companies and employees maximize their talents. We feel we need to extend this to helping out our community to maximize its value and bring hope and help to those who need it. It's a great feeling knowing that we have helped make a homeless child's day a little brighter by showing them that someone loves and cares about them and their future. It's also rewarding knowing we have helped take some of the burden off of their parents, said Mike Poskey, president of ZERORISK HR.

ZERORISK HR began volunteering with Vogel Alcove at the request of employees and made it part of its employee engagement and development strategy. ZERORISK HR sees the unlimited rewards in corporate volunteer programs, but here are the top three benefits.

  1. Improve your employee engagement. It has been shown that companies that embrace corporate volunteer programs actually experience higher satisfaction, morale, and productivity.
  2. Recruit more millennials and younger employees. Millenials have been reporting that they are willing to sacrifice more than 10 percent of their salary to work at a socially responsible company—especially one that shares their values. So, supporting causes they agree with can motivate them to work at your company.
  3. Encourage your team to work together. Providing an outlet for your employees to work together outside of the office will give them a chance to learn great team skills that will be able to translate into the daily work life. Plus, the more they work together well—the better their communication will be!

When considering implementing a volunteer program within your company, have a strategic approach. Doing so will enhance the potential business value and community effect. Plus, volunteering will allow your company to give a personal presence and hands-on experience that your daily operations might not give. If a cutting-edge company like ZERORISK HR is seeing the benefits of employee volunteerism, you will be sure to see them too! For more information on developing a corporate volunteer program, contact us or visit our website.

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