How To Hire Your Best Employees - Again

Mar 10, 2015

How To Hire Your Best Employees - Again

Using the process of benchmarking can help catapult organizations to the very top of their industries. It is defined as the process of improving performance by identifying, understanding, and adapting outstanding practices and processes found inside and outside the organization. Practically anything can be benchmarked if it can be measured. But, ideally, a company should focus on what it successfully excels at in business. This process will help you identify top talent within and outside your organization.

Employees are an integral part of a company that can affect the bottom line. They can impact the profits and success of a company more than just one department or process, and measuring these employees should be considered a high priority. According to Dr. Robert K. Smith, an industrial psychologist and management consultant, companies that succeed are focusing 80 percent of their time and resources on top-producing, quality employees. Less successful companies tend to focus more on "problem" employees.

So how do you know if that newly hired employee is going to be suitable for the job, the company culture, or the management style? If there is deficiency in any of these areas, it can lead to a "bad fit" and end up costing the company thousands. With benchmarking, an employee assessment is measured through a scientific process. The best place to start this process is within your own organization!

But next you may wonder, against whom do you benchmark? Do a benchmark study on an entire department. Before completing it, create a list of "criteria" that indicates levels for excellent, mediocre, and poor employees. We also recommend including managers in their benchmark studies. This will help in incorporating the manager's style into the results. This is important in regard to retention and productivity—are employees compatible with the manager's style? You wouldn't want to lose a star employee due to him or her working for a poor manager.

When setting benchmark criteria for employee evaluation, make sure all the data are current. Don't base it solely on the job description—these are considered minimum requirements! To determine style, strengths, and weaknesses of current employees for the study, these factors must be measured in objective ways rather than just completed in a personal interview. To accomplish this, companies are using objective behavioral assessment tools to help in measuring the factors. These tools reveal certain characteristics that may be imperative for a person to complete the job successfully. To use these results, the profiles of success can be compared with job candidates and ensure the company hires the right person the first time.

What happens when the elite employees start becoming the majority in your company? Continue to benchmark—to ensure that changing needs within your company are reflected in your hiring process as well.

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