Q&A: How to Implement a New Hiring Assessment

Oct 22, 2019

Implementing Hiring Assessment

Q: How do you convince hiring managers to use a new assessment?


When you have inconsistencies in your hiring process, your risk for employment practice liabilities increases exponentially. In order to have consistency, it’s important to give managers hiring tools they find value in. Otherwise, they won’t be very motivated to use the tools, leading to inconsistencies among hiring managers.


To get buy-in, enact a “pull” strategy rather than a “push” strategy. With a pull strategy, the individual team members will come together on their own terms to perceive the benefits of the tool and will request to use it. With a push strategy, your hiring managers are being forced to use something they see no value in. Consequently, it’s unlikely your new hiring assessment will be used at its full capacity by a unified team.


Q: What are some of the difficulties leaders might face when implementing a new hiring assessment?

The most common reason it is difficult to implement a new hiring assessment is that it can be difficult for hiring manages to see the value. Instead, they view this change as something that will take a lot of training to learn and will be draining of time and energy. It throws a wrench in their current process causing them to have to slow down and learn the new tool. If they are the type of hiring manager who has always “hired with their gut,” they will likely be resistant to rely on an external process.


Q: What can leaders do to guide a successful transition?

  1. Get buy-in from the people who will use the tool the most.
  2. Provide user training from the assessment vendor before the implementation is complete.
  3. Utilize the assessment vendor to help you customize an implementation and roll-out process that fits well with your company’s current processes.
  4. Make sure your users know who to contact for system support should they need it.

Q: What are some common mistakes leaders make when implementing a new hiring tool?

  1. Assuming you know what the team wants. Any effort to change the system without a formal process to evaluate your team’s needs will almost always result in failure. Worse, it can lead to poor employee engagement and satisfaction.
  2. Not involving the team in the selection process. The best way to onboard a new hiring tool is to solicit the opinions of the employees who will be using the tool. They understand day-to-day pain points better than anyone and have insights that upper leadership may miss. Making any type of change may usually be met with some resistance, but if you allow your team to help with the decision, the implementation will go more smoothly.
  3. Lack of training. As a leader, you need to set your team up for success. This is especially important when you make a change that impacts how they do their jobs. Giving your hiring managers time and practice before implementing the new hiring assessment will help them build confidence.

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