Memorial Day: Honor the Fallen of All Generations

May 24, 2016

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a holiday celebrated across America, often with barbecues and parades. Americans take this day of remembrance to honor those who have died in service to our country. Officially proclaimed on May 5, 1868, by General John Logan, the national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, Memorial Day was derived out of the Civil War as a way to commemorate and honor the soldiers who have passed. General Logan chose for the holiday to fall on the 30th of May due to the fact that it wasn't the anniversary of any particular battle to date. Today, it is observed in nearly all of America on the last Monday in May.

On the first Memorial Day, 5,000 people decorated the graves of 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers located at Arlington National Cemetery. In 1915, Moina Michael created the iconic tradition of wearing red poppies on Memorial Day to show support for those who died serving the nation during war. The National Moment of Remembrance, which takes place at 3:00 p.m., is meant for the entire nation to come together for a moment of silence and respect.

Every generation in the workplace today has experienced, whether directly or indirectly, the tragic outcomes from battles and wars. Although they may have taken place during different times and locations, it's important for all generations to join together to honor the fallen this Memorial Day. At ZERORISK, we recognize the importance these soldiers have created in America through their sacrifice. Because of their commitment to the country, we have the ability to feel protected and safe while working in our offices, spending time with friends and family, and traveling throughout the nation. As an office, this could be an opportunity to create communication across generations about honoring those fallen during service. Allow everyone the chance to share in the remembrance of Memorial Day with these simple, honorable ideas:

  • Decorate with red poppies and flags to show support for the soldiers fallen.
  • Get involved as a team with a local event honoring Memorial Day.
  • Head to a local cemetery together to place flowers or flags on sites of our fallen heroes.
  • Have fun, be safe, and remember what the day is all about.

This year, ZERORISK honors those who sacrificed everything for this nation and thanks them for the freedom and opportunities they have provided for Americans everywhere.

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