Millennial Myths: BUSTED!

Apr 26, 2016

Millennial Myths BUSTED!

Just like the generations before them, millennials have several stereotypes that follow them into the workplace before they even sit down at a desk. As the first digital natives, growing up immersed in the technology realm, how can a manager from another generation understand this new and unfamiliar territory of millennial employees? With the large influx of millennials coming into the labor force to join the gen x and baby boomer generations, employers must bust a few myths to truly understand these new employees:

Myth #1: Millennials expect trophies and words of affirmation for nearly every completed project or task.

According to IBM, millennials prefer an ethical manager to a boss simply searching to recognize their accomplishments. In their survey, 35 percent millennials wanted an ethical and fair leader that also chose to be transparent and accessible with information. Only 29 percent of the millennials leaned toward a manager who focused on recognizing their accomplishments.

Applying this in the workplace can be simple! Rather than quit employee praise cold turkey, create a balance to foster an environment where there are goals put in place for the staff. Throughout the hiring process, make expectations clear and depict your true management style to allow the candidate to know what they are getting into!

Myth #2: Millennials are addicted to technology and want everything to be done online.

While this generation has spent most of their lives with a screen nearby, they still recognize that they learn best through other avenues. Most millennials didn't grow up learning algebra and common grammar through an iPad like the newest generation, Gen Y. It also has become a common stereotype that millennials prefer to work remotely – but this doesn't typically relate to the addiction of all things Internet. Working remotely allows for a stronger work-life balance and the ability to experience things a typical 9-5 environment doesn't bode well for.

Millennials' preferences for learning new skills are much more physical than virtual. Many would enjoy attending a conference, an in-person training course, or just work beside their colleagues to learn more. Create opportunities for your employees to attend local industry events, take in-house training together and work as a team to truly excel their skills.

Myth #3: Millennials are job-hoppers in search of their passion.

This myth seems to be one of the biggest topics of conversation. It's typical to hear that if a position doesn't fulfill all of a millennial's hopes and dreams, they'l just up and leave to catch the next job. But despite the stereotypes, the three generations share the same reasons, between 42 and 47 percent, for moving on to another positions: more money or a more creative workplace. While offering a higher salary may not be an option, creating an environment that stimulates creativity and communication will likely increase tenure.

With three stereotyped generations uniting in one workplace, managers must stay on top of the latest myths and rumors. Learning the truth behind millennials can help managers understand how to empower them and the rest of the team. Take advantage of this information and integrate it into creating a cohesive culture for all generations with teamwork, clear expectations and open communication!

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