Debunking Millennial Myths: New Study Cites Lack of Leadership Training, Not Laziness, as Cause of Job-Hopping

Feb 02, 2016

Debunking Millennial Myths

Millennials often get a bad rap when it comes to workplace behavior, with many employers citing laziness and lack of motivation that leads to frequent job-hopping. This perceived "lack of loyalty" among millennials has resulted in them being stereotyped as not suitable for long-term employment. However, companies cannot simply disregard millennials in the hiring process since they will comprise a majority of the workforce by 2017.

What is an HR manager to do?

According to a recent article in Business Insider, the solution may be surprising: millennials are not abandoning ship due to laziness but because of a lack of leadership development in their organizations. In the Global Millennials Survey by Deloitte, 63 percent of respondents said their leadership skills are not being fully developed, which is a key reason they will leave. Millennials may be new to the workforce, but they are ready to climb the corporate ladder.

Being stuck in one job for the next 20 years is terrifying to a millennial—and they believe it is easier to find another job than to stick around and be unhappy. How do you avoid this issue, which can cause high turnover, decrease productivity, and tank company culture? Here are a few ways to transition your work culture into a place of growth for millennials:

  • Create mentoring programs with millennial workers paired with more senior employees at the company. Allow them to learn from each other through the generation gap and years of expertise.
  • Rotate employees through different jobs, or allow them to shadow another employee to foster new knowledge and curiosity.
  • Find an avenue for e-learning opportunities and training courses to allow millennials to sharpen their industry knowledge and technical expertise.
  • Constant coaching and feedback drive a millennial to keep engagement in their work and motivate them.
  • Reward employees for a job well done with a lunch or half day off. Millennials seek rewards and will continue to work hard to earn their next level of achievement.
  • Offer collaborative opportunities for those of all generations to work together through a discussion. This will allow them to see where each point of view can add to the whole picture.

With a strong manager trained to spot emotional intelligence qualities and a hiring program set in place, finding the next best hire can be simple. ZERORISK HR articulates the need to be able to define the biases included in emotional intelligence that allow employees to exercise judgment and exhibit leadership skills. These characteristics will be identifiable within a candidate and will allow you to know how to motivate him or her within the company.

While flexible work schedules and bigger salaries may attract a millennial initially to step into a company, the ability to grow and learn through that position to skyrocket them to the next one is the main priority for their career. Millennials are not afraid to try new things and challenge themselves—so challenge them to become the leader they believe they can be.


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