Millennials Are Coming Fast & Furious. Is Your Culture Ready?

Jan 12, 2016

Millennials Are Coming Fast & Furious

Just like in Star Wars, in a land far far away, generations passed on skill sets and worked long hours to live the American dream. The newest force to join the labor pool has a different idea when it comes to working 9 to 5 and living surrounded by a white picket fence.

Known as millennials, these new, hip workers have been stereotyped from lazy and entitled to highly educated and motivated by good deeds. But, whether or not you agree with these descriptions the important thing to note is that by 2017, millennials will be fifty percent of the workforce. According to Pew Research, more than one in three American workers are classified as millennials (those born between the years 1982 and 2004) and are now a larger labor class than Generation X. Rather than be alarmed, here are some common characteristics of millennials to help shape your work culture and be ready to welcome them with open arms (and cubicles):

  • Do Your Research. Understanding a millennial's interests, values and expectations for a position is key to integrating them well into your work environment. With the high amount of incoming millennial candidates, employers should understand they may be competing with other companies for a new hire and need to put their best foot forward during the interview process. Through pre-employment assessment tests, employers can understand candidates' employee intelligence to fit them best within the work culture.
  • Motivate Them To Keep Them. Millennials can be categorized as job hoppers (especially when compared to Baby Boomers). Many millennial employees begin searching for new positions after only a year of employment – if they see no ladders to promotion or opportunities to grow within the company. While on the other hand, Baby Boomers believe they must stay with an employer for at least five years before searching to move on. With this in mind, allow the candidate to visualize throughout the hiring process the opportunities they have to improve on their skills and move up within your company.
  • Millennials Love to Learn. Nearly 80 percent of millennials have earned a bachelor's degree – compared to the mere 62 percent of Baby Boomers. Although they may have bigger debt loads, this generation is one of the most educated and dedicated to learning as generations we have seen before. Giving this set of candidates the ability to learn new things daily will encourage them to stick around and shine in a position.
  • Embrace Their Love of Volunteerism. Doing well by doing good are among one of the strongest values of millennials. Giving them the opportunity to give back and engage with the community fall within their highest priorities of a new position. When interviewing, offer them information about your Corporate Social Responsibility program and the organizations your company is passionate about giving back to.
  • Fast Feedback = Fast Results. When it comes to their passion of learning, millennials seek to learn through feedback and working together on a team. While you may not be used to offering team projects in your workplaces, the benefits of strong communication, balance of expertise and more, may have you start thinking about trying it out. And for feedback, millennials aren't interested in the systematic quarterly and almost robotic reviews. They want to know rather quickly if they're doing something great – or if something's missing.

This new generation of the workforce is ready to work. Creating and transitioning into an environment that allows them to mesh into the work culture will be beneficial for all. If you're looking for some inspiration on how-to make your company culture millennial-ready, take a look at Fortune's 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials. If you take a few tips from their actions, millennials will be flocking to your company in no time.

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