Myths of Behavioral Pre-employment Testing

Apr 21, 2015

Myths of Behavioral Pre-employment Testing

Many executives today choose to not use pre-employment testing and assessments for a number of reasons. But, four of the most common we hear are based on myth rather than reality. We want to bust these myths for you. These myths are:

  • We'll be sued.
  • It costs too much.
  • It takes too much time.
  • It doesn't work.

Myth #1: We'll be sued.

It's common today to be sued for nearly anything. But with the proper pre-hire testing process, it actually reduces the likelihood of being sued for the following three reasons. First, the selection process becomes fairer. Using validated tests, age, sex and race cannot be discriminated – reducing subjective biases which before could lead to discrimination claims.

Secondly, it assists companies in complying with federal requirements. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requires companies use their best reasonable efforts to remove biases from hiring processes. The use of a validated pre-employment test helps comply with this.

Lastly, you don't hire "problem employees." The last thing you want to do is hire the wrong person. It can be costly and become a large liability. The liability risks from hiring the wrong person are much greater than the risk of being found liable for not hiring them in the first place.

Myth #2: It costs too much.

When making any business decisions, it's important to weigh the costs versus the benefits with conducting pre-employment testing. Behavioral based pre-employment assessments costs can range from $25-200 per use. But most can agree that a poor hiring decision that results in turnover can cost minimum twice the person's salary when you consider lost opportunity, decreased productivity, and the recruitment and administrative costs. Also, a good hiring test can reduce the costs to prepare for an interview and train new hires that have been pre-tested to be more suited for the job, company culture, and manager's style.

Myth #3: It takes too much time.

There are many various tests on the market that can take anywhere from 10 minutes to over 2 hours to complete. Some may require someone to administer it, some don't. But, there are tests that can be completed in less than half an hour and can be taken over the Internet and completed at home by the candidate. Depending on the level and type of position you're looking to fill, some of these quicker tests will meet your needs. But with the feedback these tests provide, an effectively designed interviewing and selection report reduces the time needed to train interviewers and conduct an interview. This report will provide guidance on the candidate's strengths and weaknesses and allow the interviewer to spend more time on more critical topics.

Myth #4: It doesn't work.

The amount of companies utilizing some form of behavioral pre-employment testing for accurate hiring decisions is increasing constantly. In a recent survey, 40 percent of Fortune 100 companies indicated that their employment selection systems included testing. Another similar survey conducted by the American Management Association showed that 44 percent of its responding members used testing to select employees.

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