Place Your Players in Perfect Positions To Score

Sep 06, 2016

Place Your Players in Perfect Positions to Score

Fall is just around the corner. The cooler weather brings seasonal favorites, including football! Just as each football player on a team specializes in a specific position, each employee in an organization fills a particular role. Whether working together to score a touchdown or collectively filling a value proposition, goals are more attainable when individuals skillfully execute their roles and work together as a team.

Think about the differences between a lineman and a kicker. These two distinctly different, yet valuable, roles on a football team each require a certain set of core competencies to be successful and, therefore, help the team win. A lineman must be strong and capable of blocking opponents, while a kicker must be precise and able to make a field goal from 40 yards away. If these players exchange roles, a kicker might be able to block successfully, and a lineman might be able to score with a kick, but the chances are that neither would excel in the other's position. The same holds true for employees.

So, how can you ensure that all of your players are in positions where they can score?

It starts with aligning individuals' abilities and talents with job roles that require those characteristics. It's pretty simple; employees who work in positions that allow them to use their strengths perform better than their counterparts. Just like the actions of every player in a football game can impact the outcome of a game, each of your employees indirectly affects your bottom line. It can be the difference between playing a lineman in a kicker's role or employing a salesperson in an accounting position.

But, how can you determine where to place your best players?

Employment assessment tests can serve as a game plan. These tools measure and use objective data for the purpose of determining a person's abilities and probable job performance. More than hiring assessment tools, these instruments also provide valuable insight into coaching, communication, and employee development when used as a workforce planning tool. Because employment assessment tests, like the ZR Profile, uncover a person's structure of value (the internal playbook a person uses to think, evaluate, and make decisions), companies can use these tools to evaluate how potential and current employees fit into certain job roles and alongside other workers. Then, changes can be made to increase engagement. With insightful information from employee assessments, companies can make better-informed human resource decisions and place people in positions where they can excel.

What are the benefits of developing a winning team?

Football coaches are concerned about individual player performances, but, more importantly, coaches want to win—and so do companies. Reduced expenses for employee hiring and training and increased employee productivity and sales revenues are among the many benefits of positioning people in roles where they can succeed. Companies with perfectly placed players have a competitive advantage in developing and retaining top recruits.

Don't leave your employees on the sidelines. Give each of your workers a shot at being the most valuable player in his or her job. Remember, success is more easily achieved when individuals work together as a team and each player has the skills to score in his or her given role.

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