No Monkey Business: Resolutions To Better Manage Your Team in 2016

Jan 19, 2016

No Monkey Business

It's 2016, year of the monkey! However, don't think this means the year will be composed of eating bananas and swinging from tree branches. According to the ancient Chinese zodiac calendar, the monkey is a symbol of cleverness, creativity, intelligence, and success and is believed to bring good fortune.

Could you use a team of monkeys in your office?

As king of the jungle (aka leader or manager) in your organization, it's up to you to provide training, encouragement, and direction so your team doesn't run wild. The beginning of each year is both a practical and symbolic time to set forth workplace goals, as most companies start the fiscal year January 1 and employees are in the "New Year's resolution" mindset.

Here are five workplace resolutions for managers to implement in 2016 for personal growth and to make your team more efficient:

  • Streamline Meetings: Although intended to be productive, many meetings end up being a time suck and drain employee energy. Review your team's schedule of regular meetings and determine what is necessary, who needs to attend, and if any can be eliminated or combined.
  • Conduct Mini-Reviews: Conducting annual reviews is important, but the process can be lengthy, and employees need feedback more frequently. Establish quarterly "mini" reviews to cover three areas: What are you doing well? What needs improvement? How can I help?
  • Empower Employees: Everyone likes to end the day knowing he or she accomplished something, but this can be difficult in an environment of micromanagement. As leaders, our desire to be kept in the loop can hinder progress by burdening team members with an overabundance of "check-in" meetings, endless e-mails, etc. Don't slow down progress by changing goals autocratically, being indecisive, or holding up resources.
  • Develop a Daily Routine: Beginning each day with a plan helps to prioritize and ensure things get done. Blocking out a morning "power hour"—in which you avoid checking e-mail and other communications—is a common and highly effective technique. This allows you to focus on core business initiatives and big-picture priorities before you get caught up in putting out small fires.
  • Don't Procrastinate: We're all guilty of putting off dreaded tasks, but if you habitually miss deadlines, then your team will follow suit. It is important not only to tackle work projects head on but also to not put off taking vacation and show employees that time away renews energy and focus.

Don't "monkey around" in 2016—implement these management resolutions for greater productivity and happier employees.

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