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Jan 09, 2018

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If you've been in Human Resources for any length of time, you have probably come across a situation where you were uncomfortable with a hiring decision. Perhaps what you heard during a job interview did not match up with the candidate's resume. Or, the results from a personality test seemed to contradict the interview.

When you are faced with this situation, it is important to use an assessment that is based on the science of axiology to help make an informed hiring decision. This type of assessment is an objective tool that uses mathematical logic and does not engage the candidate in self-analysis.

An assessment based on axiology measures the resolution of the candidate's brain. For example, how clear or unclear is the candidate's thinking under stress? An axiology assessment measures this value, which dictates how the candidate actually thinks.

How Does the Assessment Measure Thinking?

From an outside perspective, it might seem difficult to objectively measure an individual's thinking patterns. After all, it's not something that you can see. However, here is how an assessment based on the science of axiology achieves this.

- Axios refers to value or worth. Measuring worth helps uncover core motivators in individuals. Applied to your company, this measurement helps you place an individual in a role where they will be naturally attentive to their assigned tasks, leading to success.

Alternatively, placing an individual in a role that does not match up with their core motivators will drain the person of energy, creating a downturn in productivity. Because of this, the employee will not be able to keep up under stress.

There are plenty of examples of 30-day or 60-day wonders who aced an interview or "knew the right answers" to pass a basic assessment, then flamed out in their role because they could not keep up with the persona they created to be hired.

- Logos or logic refers to how we place value on certain things in our lives. Each person has a unique value or logic system that directs the course of their lives. This is how we assign value or meaning to decisions that need to be made.

Essentially, an assessment based on the science of axiology uncovers the value structure that each person uses to guide their decision-making.

How Does this Measurement Impact a Hiring Decision?

When you put together axios and logos, an assessment based on axiology measures what a person values, the weight placed on those values, and how that comes together to form the thinking patterns of an individual.

Translated to making a hiring decision, when an individual completes an axiology assessment, you can match the individual's thinking patterns to the thinking patterns assigned to a specific role they are applying for in your company.

Furthermore, the thinking patterns that appear on the assessment results will predict the candidate's behavior in your company. This way, you can determine how the individual's core motivators will dictate their decision-making, especially under stress, and indicate whether they will be successful in their role.

Why is an Axiology Assessment Reliable?

What makes an assessment based on axiology reliable is that it measures the core motivators that are unique to each person.

Think of it as visiting the doctor's office. Doctors usually look for symptoms to address to provide relief. However, a great doctor will look for the source or root issue that is presenting itself in the form of the symptoms to resolve a chronic issue.

Our personality -- or symptoms -- can change based on the context of the situation. However, our thinking -- or root issues -- do not change unless treated.

Understanding how an individual will perform at your company requires a deeper dive to measure their thinking, which helps discover their core motivators that dictate behavior.

Without understanding the motivating factors for an individual, placing someone in a role that is not suited for their thinking generally leads to demotivation. Over time, this typically results in poor judgment, absenteeism, and eventually turnover.

How Can I Use This Assessment in My Company?

It is important to establish the benchmarks of success for each role in your company. Then, use an assessment based on axiology to evaluate the top performers in your company to determine the thinking patterns that tie to success.

When interviewing candidates to fill roles, an axiology assessment will allow you to compare the thinking patterns of each candidate to your top-performing employees. This provides an objective measurement to help remove uncertainty you may have experienced in the past when evaluating candidates.

ZERORISK HR is available to assist with this process of using an axiology assessment in your hiring process. The ZERORISK Hiring System is based on the science of axiology to provide an objective evaluation of each candidate's core motivators. This tool will help you make an informed hiring decision by uncovering motivations and measuring probability of success. Contact our team today to get started.

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