Tax Season Is Approaching: Hiring Seasonal Employees

Mar 17, 2015

Tax Season Is Approaching

While accounting can be a very challenging position, it can be especially rewarding during tax season. When employees are new to accounting in tax season, it is important for them to speak up when they don't know something; sometimes managers and experienced employees forget about the large learning curve there can be. Taking advantage of the opportunities that can come with tax season can create a very meaningful and rewarding career.

Managers can be effective coaches in achieving desired outcomes and increased performance from accountants during tax season. They just need to know how. One way to effectively do this is through the informal performance review process. This is an inexpensive option to use, especially for employees who are new or are just for the season.

Informal reviews have many purposes:

  • Provide feedback for a specific job or how the person responded to a situation
  • Set and reset goals
  • Provide clarity to the employee
  • Help reinforce good habits and point out bad habits
  • Provide specific recognition
  • Provide clarity and encouragement

The three steps in an informal performance review include:

  • Acknowledge the good work the person did and thank him or her for it.
  • Address any areas that need to be corrected or improved.
  • Speak specifically about your hope that the employee will be successful in the future because of the strengths and abilities you have seen.

Take a moment and reflect on the employee's contribution from his or her perspective. Most employees want to do a good job and consider their work a personal reflection on them. Keep in mind that valuing and honoring what is most important to the employee is the key to getting the employee to hear what you have to say. These reviews can be used throughout pre-employment screening, during pre-employment assessment, and especially in hiring tests. You want to encourage new hires to feel uplifted and encouraged to complete their work well.

These informal reviews are opportunities to encourage and support. Use the completion of projects as opportunities for you to encourage and point out success to your direct reports. People will continue to do things for which they get desirable rewards. To make sure you're hiring the perfect fit for this tax season, check out ZERORISK's Behavioral Interview Training, available online.

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