Make a List and Check it Twice: Top Five Things To Do Now for Hiring Success in 2017

Dec 27, 2016

Make a List and Check it Twice

It's official: 2016 is almost over. With just a few days left in this year, most people are looking ahead to 2017. But before you close the books on 2016, take a moment to review your hiring process: Were you able to identify the best candidates for your organization? Do you need new tools to make it more efficient? Where do changes need to be made in order to achieve greater success?

In a recent blog we covered the importance of making people a priority in your 2017 business plans. In addition to an employee engagement strategy, the area that can have the greatest impact on company culture and bottom line is the hiring process. Without a doubt, selecting the right person for the right position results in greater productivity, reduced turnover and an overall better team.

So, before you jump feet first into the new year, here are five things to do now to prepare your company for hiring success in 2017:

  • Objectively Identify Core Competencies: The first step to hiring the right people is knowing what you're looking for, specifically in the form of core competencies (defined as proficiencies necessary to fill a role) identified for each job title. These can be developed by conducting a job analysis audit, observing top performers in each department, or using a pre-employment assessment. The point is to implement an objective means of evaluating candidates that is used across the board.
  • Invest in New Resources: Just as technology improves business operations, marketing and accounting, the same can be said for human resources. Investing in a pre-employment assessment program will yield valuable information, better results and a consistent hiring process. These tools also provide useful insight into coaching, communication, and team and employee development. By identifying the characteristics that match people with the work they do, companies can effectively identify key components that motivate individual employees.
  • Automate the Hiring Process: If you already have a hiring system in place, take it to the next level by integrating it with an applicant tracking system. This removes many manual tasks from the process, saving your staff time and offering candidates a consistent application experience. In addition, automating the hiring process reduces the risk of litigation and discrimination.
  • Implement Behavioral Interview Techniques: Find out much more than what is on a person's resume by providing behavioral interview training for everyone involved in the hiring process. By implementing behavioral interview questions, interviewers can better determine how someone will perform, make decisions, and fit into the company culture. It also serves as a means of assessing a candidate's competencies against job-related qualifications.
  • Hold Your Team Accountable: Once the resources are implemented and plan is in place, the key to success is making sure everyone is on board. Conduct regular meetings to get feedback, answer questions and set goals. Regular training sessions and role-playing exercises will ensure everyone is knowledgeable and the hiring process is consistent.

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