The Traditional Hiring Approach: Why it Does Not Work Anymore

May 16, 2017

The Traditional Hiring Approach

Using a traditional hiring approach is incredibly inefficient, especially compared to the advanced methodology that is available to make smarter hiring decisions during your next hiring cycle.

Too many companies are relying on job board postings, physically reviewing resumes, and then making a hiring decision based on one or two unstructured interviews.

This leads to inconsistent hiring practices based on a gut feeling or whether someone in your hiring department liked one candidate more than another. Turnover usually follows. And then you have to answer to upper management on increased hiring and training costs before going through another round of hires in the next quarter.

Without a formal template for your interview questions or a scoresheet to objectively measure each candidate's emotional intelligence, you are basically guessing whether a candidate will be a good fit for your company.

This is why the traditional hiring approach does not work in today's business environment. So, what's the solution?

Take the Next Step in Your Hiring Mindset

Technology has allowed companies to make smarter hiring decisions by removing the subjectivity found in a traditional hiring approach and replacing it with measurable data that supports a hiring decision.

Companies that understand how to use available technology are capable of developing a structured, proven method for hiring, reducing the risk of turnover.

In order to align everyone in the hiring department for this purpose, you should consider these five ways to utilize technology as part of the recruiting and hiring process:

  • Use pre-employment testing to establish a baseline for each candidate
  • Identify success targets for your hiring position
  • Train your hiring managers on how to conduct a behavioral interview targeting the core competencies for the position
  • Implement objective candidate evaluation checklists to score each candidate
  • Understand how to use the collected data to analyze and compare candidates

Once these elements are implemented, you will find that your hiring department will be operating from the same playbook using technology to competently evaluate candidates.

You can also hold your hiring managers accountable by determining whether they went rogue instead of following the process to use the technology during the evaluation.

Big Data leads to Big Results

Companies that have made this available technology the core of their hiring process are taking another step by using analytics to objectively identify and separate candidates.

The data is there through pre-employment assessments and behavioral interviews. It's a matter of understanding how to collect, process, and analyze what is presented to you. Consider these two examples.

One company saw turnover going up under a particular hiring manager. So, they turned to technology to uncover the thinking patterns of employees who stayed with the company versus left very quickly. The analytics determined that if the direct reports were similar to the hiring manager, they stayed. But, the more different the workers were, the quicker they left. Analytics made it possible to uncover this pattern and objectively measure it. The hiring department could then use this information to better screen and select future candidates.

Another great example is how a large call center reduced turnover. This particular call center was dealing with upset customers, so the company thought they should be hiring workers who expressed empathy as a core competency. But, those workers continued to leave the call center. The call center used technology to look at the most successful customer agents. And, it was determined that they should be hiring individuals with strong self-confidence and practical thinking, not empathy as their strongest core competency. Without analytics, they never would have found this trend to then adjust their traditional hiring approach to hire and train the best candidates.

How to Practically Implement Advanced Hiring Technology

To leverage Big Data to make more informed hiring decisions, your hiring managers need to understand how to conduct a behavioral interview. This means knowing which questions to ask about a candidate's past behavior and then knowing the primary and secondary questions to ask so that you can get a full picture of how they will perform in your work setting.

It boils down to understanding each candidate's past behavior as an indicator of how they will respond in a similar environment in your company and then be able to objectively measure the candidate. Then, you can bring together all of the data points to confirm each candidate's competencies, skill sets, behaviors, and critical thinking.

To advance from a traditional hiring approach to conducting effective behavioral interviews, consider the ZERORISK Online Behavioral Interview Training Course for your company.

The course will help your hiring managers visually see whether a candidate can perform the tasks that you are seeking in your hiring process. This helps reduce the risk of turnover and increases productivity by ensuring your team is aligned to make informed hiring decisions from your available pool of candidates.

ZERORISK helps organizations build great cultures by identifying, developing, and retaining top talent. The ZERORISK Hiring System blends a revolutionary behavioral science with state-of-the-art technology to reduce unwanted turnover and improve employee performance. For more information contact us at (800) 827-5991.

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