We Are Who We Hire: How To Use Pre-Employment Assessments To Align with Your Culture

Dec 22, 2015


Employees go out every day with their company name branded on their shirts, business cards, or pens. Not only are they representing themselves as a professional, but they also are reflecting the identity and values of the company—often referred to as the organization's culture. Taking this into account, companies must assess whom they plan to hire. Through pre-employment assessments and using best practices in hiring, companies can ensure they identify people who will accurately reflect the culture. For example, a transportation company that places a high priority on safety will look for different characteristics and attitudes in an employee than a financial company that lists trust as one of its core values.

With more than 17 years of industry experience, ZERORISK HR has the ability to walk your company through the hiring process to ensure you hire talent that is a fit with your corporate culture. One of the most important solutions for hiring is the ZERORISK Hiring System, which gives employers access to more than 500 successful hiring benchmarks. It goes beyond simply measuring personality traits and behavior and instead measures the candidate's value structure and emotional intelligence competencies. This pre-employment testing allows you to compare each candidate to determine the likelihood of success.

Rather than relying on a candidate's subjective evaluation of his or her own strengths and weaknesses, the ZERORISK Hiring System uses a values-based thinking science to go beyond the surface and uncover critical emotional intelligence characteristics. The pre-employment assessment also goes as far as becoming customized to your company with the establishment of successful hiring benchmarks based on your top performers using the proprietary talent data analytics software.

Workforce studies have shown that emotional intelligence competencies account for 80 percent of our success in the workplace, states Mike Poskey, president of ZERORISK HR.

With the use of the hiring system, you must also utilize the pre-employment testing best practices. Training your hiring managers and interviewers is key—by equipping them to consistently identify top talent that meets or exceeds your criteria, the hiring process is sure to go smoothly. ZERORISK HR has a suite of behavioral interview training courses that is HRCI-approved and is ideal for individuals responsible for interviewing and selecting new employees. You will be able to use it as a guide to implementing techniques that will improve your hiring return on investment, identify the top talent, and even add a competitive edge to your company in today's market. This training identifies an effective interview strategy, behavioral interview questions to use, and perfect probing techniques.

Keeping your company's culture top of mind in the hiring process will be easier if it is well known and articulated to all employees, especially those involved in the hiring process. After all, if managers can't identify the company's core values, then how will they know how to look for them in job candidates? ZERORISK HR can assist you with both hiring best practices and employee training—visit our website for more information: www.zeroriskhr.com.

ZERORISK helps organizations build great cultures by identifying, developing, and retaining top talent. The ZERORISK Hiring System blends a revolutionary behavioral science with state-of-the-art technology to reduce unwanted turnover and improve employee performance. For more information contact us at (800) 827-5991.

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