Veterans Make Valuable Hires

May 26, 2015

Veterans Make Valuable Hires

As we approach Memorial Day and remember the brave men and women who died while protecting our freedom, let us also recognize the 250,000 individuals who come back to our country every year after completing active duty service.

Unfortunately, a large number of American veterans find it difficult to find jobs here on home soil. Although returning soldiers have been out of the civilian workforce while serving our country, these individuals hold relevant skills and experiences that directly translate into being valuable potential hires.

What core competencies make veterans excellent employees?

  • Leadership - Veterans are trained to lead by example to manage goals. Vets excel in following directions and delegating tasks.
  • Teamwork - Vets have tremendous experience in teamwork and understand how the actions of individuals affect the overall success of the group.
  • Performances under Pressure - Even in stressful situations, vets have the ability to know how to accomplish tasks on time.
  • Strong Work Ethic - Dedication, perseverance, and a "get-it-done" attitude guide the work actions of veterans.
  • Technical Skills - Vets have extensive technical training and experience using, maintaining, and repairing complex equipment.

All of these veteran skills can directly translate into civilian job opportunities. The energy industry, among other industries, recognizes the prospect for acquiring veteran talent. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) develops pathways for clean energy companies to recruit and retain veterans into their firms. Many energy companies recruit veterans because they already possess the foundational skills that are at the base of all energy-related job competency models—integrity, reliability, teamwork, adaptability, technical knowledge, etc.

Energy companies can create their own veteran talent pipelines by reinforcing local relationships and developing a strong digital presence.

The U.S. military has a number of platforms as well. Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) helps both service members and companies understand which types of civilian careers apply to military occupation specialties.

Businesses can build on these resources and segment the veteran market based on the types of positions they wish to fill and the skills associated with them. Developing the veteran talent pipeline will require a sustained effort from many different sectors. Working together, companies and education partners can bring the skills and talents of veterans into the civilian workforce.

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