Why Your Small Business Should Invest in Management Training

Nov 28, 2017

Small Business Manager Training

Trying to find a competitive edge in the small business environment is difficult for any business owner. Should you invest in new technology, a second facility, or the latest application that claims to deliver a positive return on investment?

Here is what you should consider: your next big investment is already at your company. Investing in a management training program is the key to delivering long-term ROI for your company.

Through our study of small to mid-size companies, ZERORISK HR has found a consistent theme that managers wear many hats and are responsible for much more than what is contained in their job description.

That is why we recommend management training for small businesses. The right type of program will ensure that managers learn two critical components of successful management in a small business setting: the art of delegation and how to have critical conversations.

Many small business managers feel like a deer in the headlights if they need to have a critical conversation with their direct reports. They are concerned about damaging existing relationships, hurting their reputation, or being viewed negatively by their peers.

Providing the appropriate leadership training to your managers will address these blind spots and give them the ability to influence the entire team beyond their direct reports. This will lead to a more productive work environment, creating more opportunities for revenue growth.

What Type of Training Should Small Business Managers Complete?

Managers should complete a comprehensive training program that addresses their core competency blind spots. These blind spots appear on the results of a job assessment that measures their thinking patterns.

Once you receive the results, you should determine what program will address the root issues and correct behavior.

Unfortunately, many companies cut corners sending their managers to a one-size-fits-all, one-off training program that do not address specific blind spots. ZERORISK HR has found that in a one-size-fits all program, only 20 percent of participants will receive relevant training about their blind spots.

The most effective development programs focus on application, not concepts; sources, not symptoms. Another important element is accountability. The best type of training program takes place over a period of months that involves the manager focusing on applying their training to behaviors and action.

These programs are designed to move the needle in the right direction for your manager's key performance indicators (KPIs). You should see real improvement in the areas related to their blind spots, such as delegation and critical conversations.

How Does Effective Training Address Delegation?

ZERORISK HR has studied many small businesses whose managers struggle with delegation. Because they wear so many hats, managers take many tasks upon themselves. This leads to a downturn in productivity from being overworked and eventual burnout.

The key to understanding how to address this blind spot is to understand the five reasons why managers do not delegate in a small business setting:

  1. The manager does not want to impose on other employees.
  2. The manager does not trust direct reports to do their job.
  3. The manager feels that if they want it done right, they must do it themselves.
  4. The manager believes they need to be present at all times to monitor their team.
  5. The manager does not want to go through proper delegation steps to explain required tasks.

Do any of these sound like familiar setbacks at your organization? There is clearly a problem at the source of the manager's thinking. A one-size-fits-all training will just become a check-the-box event that does not positively alter the manager's behavior.

Instead, your company should offer management training that includes customized coaching to address and correct root issues that are preventing the manager from delegating effectively. Otherwise, the manager's behavior will not change, reducing your opportunity to generate positive ROI from your workforce.

How Does Management Training for Small Business Look in Action?

ZERORISK HR studied a medical device company that sent all of their managers through a six-month leadership development program.

Within 18 months, their region became the most profitable in the country.

This program had a compounding effect creating awareness throughout the company of how investing in management training could generate positive results.

Investing in a bona fide training program targeting the blind spots of your managers has the power to produce a similar result for your company. To get started on investing in a program that will generate positive ROI, consider the ZERORISK Clear Direction Manager Development Program. Included in the program is analysis of what is being demanded of your managers, how they can communicate more effectively with their direct reports, and how to enhance your team. This will guide you on how to select the appropriate management training for small business that will position your company to generate revenue growth over time.

ZERORISK helps organizations build great cultures by identifying, developing, and retaining top talent. The ZERORISK Hiring System blends a revolutionary behavioral science with state-of-the-art technology to reduce unwanted turnover and improve employee performance. For more information contact us at (800) 827-5991.

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