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The ZERORISK Hiring System helps you interview and hire the right candidate by identifying top talent and the right fit for your company culture.

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What's Included

20 Minute Assessment
20-Minute Candidate Assessment Test
500+ Benchmarks
500+ Validated Benchmarks
Behavioral Interview Guides
Behavioral-Based Interview Guides
Customer Portal
Easy-To-Use Customer Portal
Strengths and Weaknessess
Overview of Candidate's Strengths & Weaknesses
Data Analytics
Data Analytics for Performance Measurements

More Features

More Features

Unlimited Customer Support

Customer service is very important to us. Our customer service team is available to help answer all of your questions. As a client, you receive unlimited interpretative support via phone to review candidate profile results and have unlimited access to the client services e-mail queue.

Applicant Tracking System Integration

Integrating the ZERORISK Hiring System with your applicant tracking system is easy. We can provide you with an API that allows for quick and seamless integration, and we are already partnered with a number of leading HR ​applicant ​tracking ​systems.

Predictive Hiring Solution

Measures Emotional Intelligence

Eighty percent of the essential competencies for success in the workplace are based on emotional intelligence.

The ZERORISK Hiring System blends a revolutionary behavioral science with state-of-the-art-technology to reduce unwanted turnover, improve employee performance, and hire top talent. It goes beyond measuring behaviors and personality by objectively measuring thinking or emotional intelligence.

Having employees with high levels of emotional intelligence is the most accurate way to create a strong company culture.

Predictive Hiring Solution

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20 Hiring System Assessments

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Consultation Session to Review Results

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About Us


ZERORISK HR, founded in 1998, provides predictive hiring solutions through emotional intelligence-based pre-employment testing, leadership development programs, and strategic workforce planning.

Whether you need to improve your hiring process, reduce unwanted turnover, increase retention, impact critical key performance indicators (KPIs), improve the communication and effectiveness of a team, or implement an employee development program, ZERORISK HR can be your valued business partner to help accomplish your business goals and create a culture of success.

  • Real Results

    Real Results

    We love using the behavioral interview questions contained in the candidate report, especially since they relate to the competencies of the candidate and the position. We've lowered turnover by over 35 percent. The results are incredible!

    Vice President of HR, Elgin State Bank
  • Bottom-Line Impact

    Bottom-Line Impact

    Since we began using the ZERORISK Hiring System, our retention has jumped from 10 percent to 77 percent. Not only do employees stay longer, they are more productive, catch on more quickly, and require less training time.

    HR Director, Sterling McCall Toyota
  • Better Workplace

    Better Workplace

    ZERORISK HR helps us select individuals who fit into the workplace and position, and provides management with insight on how to best work together. Effective communication and job placement are now second nature.

    President, Citizens National Bank

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