Discover Your Blind Spots

How To Stop Repeating Everyday Business Mistakes
By Dr. Bob Smith

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$22.95, Hardcover, 188 pages
Discover Your Blind Spots

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An easy-to-read book that presents how everyone has blind spots and when those cause people in business contexts to make mistakes that they could otherwise avoid.

This book answers the questions:

  • When can you trust your own perceptions, and when are you blind and likely to make ill-advised decisions and costly mistakes?
  • Why do people act differently when you are not around, and what can you do to avoid the problems this behavior causes?
  • What common business practices regularly yield poor results, and what can you do to stop these mistakes from being repeated?

People understand when driving a car that they have blind spots created by the design of their rear-view mirrors. Good drivers make accommodation for those blind spots by looking before changing lanes. Drivers who don't turn their heads while changing lanes sometimes have accidents that could otherwise be avoided. We as people also have blind spots, and when we understand our blind spots, we are better equipped to make appropriate accommodations for those and therefore avoid "accidents" they could cause. Not only do we have blind spots, but how we use our brains varies depending on what's going on, and these different conditions make our blind spots worse! While the effects of these different conditions are in front of us every day, most people do not take them into account—most of us continue to live with the accidents that otherwise could easily be avoided.

Discover Your Blind Spots is more than a recap of the obvious concerning self-understanding or communications. It is the fruit of 17 years of work inside more than 50 corporations and law firms. Dr. Smith has analyzed the causes of unwanted results in the workplace and has put them into an easy‚Äč-to-understand and useful format. He then provides immediately applicable counsel and suggestions for five critically important management roles:

  • Selection and hiring decisions
  • Effective communications
  • Managing all kinds of personalities
  • Conducting performance reviews
  • Promoting employees

Discover Your Blind Spots is the perfect book for senior management to provide their employees because those who read it will work more effectively as a result of their new-found awareness.

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