Getting Through

How to Get Your Message Through to a Defensive Person
By Dr. Bob Smith

$20.00, Softcover, 124 pages

If you take away a person's reason to be defensive, then he can't be defensive. Getting Through teaches you how to do that.

All of us know defensive people. And all of us have faced a brick wall because the person we were trying to talk with was defensive. Defensiveness prevents us from getting through. As a rule, we don't have trouble communicating when we agree with each other, but most of us do have problems getting through to others when they disagree or are defensive.

But hope has arrived! This book is three things:

  • It's research findings about why communicating is hard.
  • It's a new way of understanding motivations and defensiveness in others.
  • It's an application of the science of thinking into a practical guide on how to communicate with a defensive person.

A straightforward "how​-to" book based on years of research and on the science of thinking​, Getting Through outlines why people are defensive and how you can get your message through to a defensive person. Full of examples and specific steps on how to reduce defensiveness in others, this book is designed for busy business persons, for spouses, and for parents. The research and applications were tested in Dr. Bob's clients, including Goldman Sachs, Fidelity Investments, Comcast-Spectacor, Baylor Health Care System, and multiple law firms. It is the first in the Clear Direction Airplane Book Series. An "airplane book" is one that is useful and can be easily read in fewer than​ 2 hours.

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