• Using Interview Questions to Uncover Sales Ability

    Aug 08, 2017
    Salespeople are good at selling, including selling themselves on your next job opening. However, the appearance of being a good fit is not reliable. To make the best hiring decision, you need to know which questions to ask during a behavioral interview to assess a salesperson’s actual sales ability related to their core competencies. This will ensure productivity is maintained and you reduce the risk of turnover.
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  • How to Assess Work Ethic when Interviewing and Hiring

    Aug 01, 2017
    The process of assessing work ethic in job candidates requires an objective measurement of each candidate. This is achieved by understanding how to ask behavioral interview questions during the interview. If you need to hire an individual with the specific trait of a strong work ethic, make sure your team is trained on how to ask these important questions that tap into a candidate’s work ethic to determine the best fit for a job opening.
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  • How to Discover If an Inexperienced Candidate is Actually the Best Candidate

    Jul 25, 2017
    The traditional thinking when hiring is that a candidate with the most experience is the best person to hire. However, this blind spot often leads to overlooking an inexperienced candidate who is actually the best fit. Follow this process to look past a lack of experience to evaluate whether an inexperienced candidate is actually the best fit for your job opening.
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  • Avoid Blind Spots When Hiring: Why You Should Be Asking Behavioral Interview Questions

    Jul 18, 2017
    The next step for companies that experience high or regular turnover is conducting a behavioral interview. This requires understanding how to ask behavioral interview questions that unlock past behavior of each candidate, as opposed to traditional interview questions that are based on hypothetical or subjective opinions. Read why it is important for your hiring managers to understand how to ask behavioral interview questions to objectively measure candidates, reducing the risk of turnover.
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  • How to Avoid Blind Spots When Hiring

    Jul 11, 2017
    Business leaders are susceptible to making the wrong hiring decision because of blind spots during the interview and hiring process. Learn why business leaders and owners make these decisions, examples of companies that made the wrong hire and lost business, and how companies can avoid these blind spots by using objective measurements to properly assess each candidate for their next job opening.
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  • The 7 Most Common Blind Spots When Hiring and How to Overcome These Challenges

    Jul 04, 2017
    Hiring managers who rely on subjective opinions when making hiring decisions often hire the wrong person for a job opening. Here are the seven most common blind spots that lead to the wrong hiring decisions. We also provide solutions for how to address each blind spot using objective measurements to ensure you hire the right person for your organization.
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  • Job Interview Communication: How to Avoid Awkwardness Between Interviewer and Candidate

    Jun 27, 2017
    Preparation is the key to avoiding interview awkwardness. But, what goes into preparation? And, how do you put a candidate at ease if they are not prepared? Read this guide for how to effectively lead a job interview using proper interview communication, establishing a structure, and communicating your agenda for the meeting. This will help your company determine the best fit for your job opening or role.
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  • How to Align 3 Key Employee Communication Styles in Your Organization

    Jun 20, 2017
    ZERORISK HR has observed three key employee communication styles that range from linear to visual to unconventional. HR managers need to learn how to determine the best fit for specific roles and teams within the organization. Alignment can be achieved by understanding the types of communication styles and how to manage individuals who match
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  • How to Use an Applicant Appraisal Form When Hiring

    Jun 13, 2017
    Follow these instructions for how to use an applicant appraisal form in the hiring process. This will ensure your company uses objective, measurable information when deciding between candidates, removing subjectivity. By using an objective process for hiring, you increase your chances of hiring the best fit, establish accountability within your organization, and reduce risk of employment practice liability by documenting your decision-making.
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  • A Key to Building the Best Team: Handling a Bad Fit

    Jun 06, 2017
    Companies often fall into the trap of hiring a bad fit for the right role. What does that mean? You know what role you want to fill, but you hired the wrong person to fill the opening. There are key reasons why that happens. Fortunately, advanced hiring technology such as the ZERORISK Hiring System gives decision-makers the proper tools to objectively evaluate candidates to make more informed hiring decisions to hire the right person for the right role when building your team.
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