• Why Behavioral Interviewing Matters in the Automotive Industry

    Apr 04, 2017
    The ZERORISK HR Online Behavioral Interview Training Course helps auto dealerships understand the principles of the Behavioral Interview for car salespeople and customer service representatives. This helps in the hiring and retention process to reduce turnover, build sales, and improve CSI Scores.
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  • A Proven Method to Attract and Retain Certified Professionals

    Mar 28, 2017
    Certified Professionals in the construction industry are available to be hired and retained using proven methods. ZERORISK HR gives companies the tools to find the right Certified Professionals to hire in the construction industry, which we uncover through our advanced behavioral assessment programs, the ZERORISK Hiring System and Online Behavioral Interview Training Course.
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  • Effective Communication: Easier Said than Understood

    Mar 21, 2017
    Two-way communication or feedback is the only way to know if a message has been properly received. Good communication is a skill every hiring manager should master, and it starts well before the employee starts working for you.
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  • Your Guide to Hiring Analytical Individuals for Banking, Accounting, and IT

    Mar 14, 2017
    How people think is as unique as each individual mind. A person’s thinking tendencies greatly influence his or her ability to excel in various job roles. What if your company needs to hire someone who thrives on processes and procedures? What types of individuals are ideal job candidates for banking, accounting, and IT roles? Your business needs to attract systemic thinkers, people who value adherence and organization.
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  • Hiring College Grads or Summer Interns? Score an A+ with these Behavioral Interview Questions

    Mar 07, 2017
    Spring Break is upon us and this means an influx of college students at the beach, on the slopes…and in the employment line. For thousands of students, the end of the spring semester and graduation are only weeks away, marking the beginning of hiring season and summer internships. Discover the behavioral interview questions that will score your organization an A+ candidate.
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  • Are You Attracting Competitive Closers?

    Feb 28, 2017
    The best sales people know how to push for results to close a deal. If you are looking to add a new member to your sales team, how can you attract candidates who are competitive closers? You need to appeal to extrinsic thinking individuals. Motivated by financial gain, these individuals are willing to take risks to help themselves succeed, and to help your business grow.
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  • How to Attract Personable, Passionate, People-Focused Employees

    Feb 21, 2017
    Are you hiring for a customer service or account management role? You need to be attracting intrinsic thinking job candidates. These individuals shine in roles where they are working and connecting with people, because they place higher value on relationships than financial gains. These employees will add a personal touch to their role and enhance customer loyalty to your company.
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  • Are You Hiring Entrepreneurial Thinkers?

    Feb 14, 2017
    If you’re not staying current with the times—and ever-changing market demands—you’re probably falling behind in the game. How can your franchise continue to offer inventive products or services and anticipate customer wants and needs? It starts with having entrepreneurial thinking people on your team. If you hire leaders who support innovative initiatives, you’re sure to be one move ahead of the competition.
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  • Why Is the Person I interviewed Not the Same Person Who Shows Up At The Office?

    Feb 07, 2017
    If you’re familiar with the expression “people don’t change,” think again. Many hiring managers can attest that people often do change between the time they were interviewed and the first day they arrive at the office. By understanding the four thinking conditions and how they apply to the interview process, managers can avoid a candidate bait and switch.
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  • Are You Hiring Team Players?

    Jan 24, 2017
    It’s difficult to work as a team if not everyone on the team is a team player. How do you know if you’re hiring people with teamwork acumen? The best predictor of future behavior is past performance. Examining specific behavioral indicators and asking behavioral-based interview questions can help you determine if candidates have what it takes to collaborate.
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