• How to Assess Your New Culture After a Merger or Acquisition

    Mar 06, 2018
    Several years after merging, airliners Continental and United are still struggling to achieve their business objectives and satisfy their customers. Why? Culture. Read this article to understand the importance of assessing the culture in a new company, what process to follow, the importance of an assessment to identify cultural gaps, and how ZERORISK HR can support companies following a merger or acquisition.
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  • Small Business Team Building: How To Evaluate Experience When Hiring

    Feb 28, 2018
    Small business managers need to be careful about considering experienced candidates for job openings. You might associate “experience” with “stability” to help your business, but the wrong kind of experienced hire could hurt your team and productivity. Read this guide to understand how to identify the right type of experienced candidate to help your company grow.
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  • The Secret to Get Your Managers to Buy Into Realigning Teams

    Feb 21, 2018
    How often do you see a problem in your organization that could be solved by realigning teams? Yet, you know there will be pushback from managers who are resistant to change. Read the value in pushing for realignment and how to get managers to stop pushing back and start buying into realignment.
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  • How to Fill the 3 Most Important Roles in Your Startup Business

    Feb 14, 2018
    When filling positions in a startup business, a big mistake that owners make is not having a hiring process in place. Read about the three most important roles that you need to fill in your startup business and how to use an assessment to ensure you are hiring the best fit for these key roles.
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  • Is Your Fortune 500 Company Prepared for The Future?

    Feb 07, 2018
    Technology is changing fast. To stay ahead of competitors and grow your Fortune 500 company, you need to generate a higher ROI on your human capital. Read which steps you need to take as the HR manager to implement cultural changes and re-align teams to prepare your organization to blend a highly-productive workforce with amazing technological tools.
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  • Axiology vs. Psychology: Understand This Distinction to Power Your Hiring

    Jan 30, 2018
    We are honored to feature Dr. Robert Smith as a guest author this month. Dr. Bob developed the science behind the assessment used by ZERORISK HR to help companies make informed hiring decisions. Learn about the important distinction between axiology and psychology as it relates to evaluating the thinking patterns of individuals.
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  • An Award-Winning Success Story for Business Growth

    Jan 23, 2018
    ZERORISK HR is proud to work with Home State Bank, an award-winning bank located in Iowa. Read this compelling story of how the company leaders initiated a culture shift that energized the bank, leading to year-over-year growth in key metrics. Now, they have been recognized as a Hall of Fame bank for their commitment to culture, service, and sales.
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  • Need to Hire Quickly? Follow This Scientific Interview Process

    Jan 16, 2018
    Business owners and managers often need to make a quick hiring decision to fill an important role. There is considerable risk, though, if you abandon your principles or depend on an unscientific interview process. Read why a behavioral interview based on the science of axiology should be part of your hiring process and how to reduce the risk of unwanted turnover.
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  • How Science Will Help You Make a Hiring Decision

    Jan 09, 2018
    Many companies rely on a personality test to separate candidates when making a hiring decision. However, personality tests are easy to manipulate. Read why you need to use an assessment based on the science of axiology to provide the most reliable results by measuring a candidate’s thinking patterns.
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  • Grow Your Business: 5 Tips to Improve Employee Retention

    Dec 26, 2017
    As you wrap up 2017, you are probably looking at key metrics thinking about how to grow your business next year. Here is the key to growing your business in 2018: shift your mindset to improve employee retention. How do you accomplish this? In this article, we offer five important tips to help you develop a culture that focuses on developing employees to generate ROI from your human capital.
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