• When is Your Employee Ready to be a Manager?

    Nov 21, 2017
    As part of your regular work responsibilities, HR managers should evaluate individual contributors to determine which employees have managerial potential. Read this article on how to evaluate the core competencies of individual contributors to decide which employees should be groomed for managerial positions and how to avoid making a huge mistake during this process.
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  • Performance Evaluation: When to Retain and Train Managers

    Nov 14, 2017
    There are three important scenarios that dictate personnel action related to managers: retain and train, retain and reassign, or release to the market. This article details the role of emotional intelligence helping your company decide what action to take with managers, the success of a company that followed this process, and how your company can grow through implementing a plan for addressing blind spots with managers.
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  • Why You Should Invest in a Manager Development Program

    Nov 07, 2017
    There are significant benefits to investing in a manager development program. The key is remembering that managers are not fancy chess boards sitting idly collecting dust in their office. They require training to better lead their direct reports, increase employee engagement, and deliver compounding growth for your company. Find out why you should invest in manager training to ensure that your company generates positive ROI from your workforce.
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  • Action to Take if Your Employee Does Not Fit Company Culture

    Oct 24, 2017
    You need to be aware of employees who do not fit the culture of your company. Then, once you discover the signs of a lack of cultural fit, you need to take action. Read this article on what action to take at each important step of the process to decide whether to retain and reassign or dismiss the employee.
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  • Cultural Fit by Industry: How do you Determine if an Employee Fits Your Company?

    Oct 17, 2017
    There are important nuances in each industry that help determine cultural fit in employees and job candidates. Find out what these nuances are across major industries of automotive, banking, construction, health care, and retail. You will also learn how to measure these nuances in your employees and candidates to determine whether they are the right fit for their role or your company.
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  • How to Assess Cultural Fit When Interviewing Job Candidates

    Oct 10, 2017
    Companies that do not assess cultural fit when interviewing candidates create turnover risk and could see declines in productivity and team morale. This article explains why it is vital to measure the emotional intelligence of candidates before making a hiring decision, the benefits of following the results of an assessment, and the risks of going against the results.
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  • The Answer to Whether An Employee Fits Your Culture

    Oct 03, 2017
    There are many subjective ways to assess the cultural fit of employees in your company. However, these methods only reveal some of the picture. Read why you need to objectively measure the emotional intelligence of employees to ensure there is a cultural fit, then decide what action to take if you uncover a mismatch or cultural gaps.
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  • Why Business Leaders Need a Plan for Hiring Decisions

    Sep 26, 2017
    Business leaders try to convince themselves that they do not need a plan when making hiring decisions. They’ll simply rely on their gut instincts and cursory review of a resume to find the right person. Or, they don’t have time to come up with a plan. Do not allow yourself to think that way. Read the importance of having a plan for hiring decisions to find alignment for your available job openings and how to hire the best individual to reduce turnover risk and increase ROI.
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  • Hiring Insight: Using Emotional Intelligence to Generate ROI

    Sep 19, 2017
    Most companies do not think about generative ROI from their human capital. After all, ROI is limited to inventory, real property, and other tangible goods and services, right? Actually, companies that understand how to unlock emotional intelligence to align employees with the best role will generate a positive ROI. Read how this works and examples of how the process had a transformative effect on real companies.
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  • Misaligned Employees: When to Reassign or Release from the Company?

    Sep 12, 2017
    Business owners need to be aware of when an employee is not aligned with the overall company or team. There are obvious signs, but then what do you do when you see these signs? Once you determine the best course of action, do you reassign this employee or release from the company? Follow this path to understand what your action should be with a misaligned employee.
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