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Top 4 Human Capital Strategies to Implement This Year

The new year is here and that means new goals, new challenges, and a fresh start. Do you have a plan for how you’re going to increase top talent, employee engagement, and retention? The only thing setting your company apart from the company next door is the people. Implement the four strategies below to stay ahead of the competition.

1. Build a Talent Acquisition Brand

It’s no longer enough to solely focus on the experience you give your customers. As leaders, you must also think about how potential employees interact with your organization. Just as you build a brand around products and services, you need a brand that supports talent acquisition. Communicating your core values through a talent acquisition brand can help your business attract similarly aligned job applicants.

2. Create a Holistic Employee Experience

Employees no longer want to work somewhere that just pays the bills. Considering the amount of time most people spend at on the job, they want meaningful work with access to resources for growth and development. They want to work for a supportive manager in a positive work environment but above all, they want to be able to trust their leaders. The best way to develop trust is to ask your team what is important to them and help them build their own holistic experience (within reason). Getting buy-in from your team will also create accountability, lead to empowerment, and increased employee engagement.

3. Ditch the Annual Performance Review

In today’s technology-centric world we can receive instant feedback on almost anything, from posting on social media to reading reviews before making a purchase. So why then do we still think employees to need feedback only once a year? Instead of an annual review, approach the topic more frequently with a mixture of formal and informal reviews. Use these reviews as opportunities to teach and coach instead of demotivating and dictating.

4. Embrace the Flexible Work Environment

Whether you like it or not flexible work environments are here to stay. The sooner you offer this to your employees, the bigger competitive advantage you will have. Flexible work environments can be implemented in a variety of ways – from remote offices to employee schedules – and should be designed around what best fits your company culture. Just because you have a flexible environment does not mean you will lose productivity. In fact, many companies see an increase in productivity when they allow employees to have more flexibility as long as the proper boundaries and technology are in place.

ZERORISK HR is a leader in emotional intelligence tools that help companies around the world hire, develop, and retain top talent. Contact us today to learn how we can support your human capital goals in 2019.


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