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  1. Team & Communication Development Program: Using the ZERORISK HR team development program, communication styles and preferences can be accurately determined. If you are a people manager and want to learn how to effectively manage, communicate with, and motivate your direct reports, the Team & Communication Development program is for you. Learn More
  2. Manager Development Program: Using the ZERORISK HR manager development program, you'll equip your people managers with clarity about their natural strengths and blind spots related to managing direct reports and assist them in leading their direct reports to desired business outcomes and improving the manager-employee relationship with proven techniques than can be applied immediately. Learn More
  3. Employee Development Program: With the influx of millennials entering the workforce, it will be critical for your organization to implement an individual contributor development program to provide emotional intelligence-based training to keep them engaged, as well as equip them with knowledge of how to effectively work with their peers and direct managers with proven techniques that can be applied immediately. Learn More


Workforce studies have shown that emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) accounts for 80 percent of our success in the workplace, and organizations with emotionally intelligent leaders and individual contributors significantly outperform those organizations with less command of these competencies.

Each program provides personalized training and coaching that can be applied immediately rather than forgotten once the training is over. Each participant receives customized reports that apply to that individual or team based on individual motivators.

Each of our programs include consultation coaching sessions to coach the team or individual, based on his or her individual motivators. Participants will have the chance to discuss their specific experiences in these coaching sessions, creating accountability for each participant to work on ​his or her personal development. The team will be coached on best ways to manage, motivate, and communicate with each member of the team.

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Objective Information

All of our programs are based on Nobel-nominated science that objectively measures an individual's thinking biases, which are used to customize the development program to each individual.

Web Based, No Travel

All of our programs are ​Web based and can be done without ever leaving your office, which means no unnecessary travel expenses. All you need is a computer and a phone to complete each program.

Enhance Self-Awareness

Addresses the source of the behavior (thinking) rather than the symptoms (personality) and provides personalized development content rather than a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

Real​-World Application

Provides practical development tips that can be applied in the work environment instantly rather than in a classroom setting. Knowing is not enough; we must apply.

Increase Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are proven to be more productive, have higher morale, and achieve higher levels of success.

Improve Communication

Companies that communicate effectively with their employees financially outperform those that do not.

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