Quickly Assess Candidates Using Predictive Talent Analytics

For the past 18 years, ZERORISK HR has been studying applications of measurement within HR and business. As a result of these studies, the ZERORISK Hiring System includes successful hiring benchmarks for over 500 different job titles across 25 industries and has the ability to develop custom hiring benchmarks based on your top performers.

The benchmark reports (or success targets) allow hiring managers to easily compare a candidate to a specific position and highlight the possible areas of concern. Based on the candidates' individual competencies, they are given a rating of low risk, medium risk, or high risk for the position. By pairing the benchmark report with the candidate's custom behavioral interview guide, hiring managers can quickly validate the candidate's strengths and weaknesses for the position and assess if the candidate has learned to overcome potential blind spots.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides objective, data-driven information to aid in business decisions
  • Provides structure and consistency to the hiring process
  • Improves new hire effectiveness
  • Aids in predicting fit or success within a certain role
  • Provides an objective method of identifying success within your specific company culture

What are our clients saying?

ZERORISK HR helps us select individuals that fit into the workplace, position, and provides management with insight on how to best work together. Effective communication and job placement is now second nature.

President, Winvest Financial

I've used the ZERORISK Hiring System for over 10 years and it really works! Whenever I've deviated from the recommendation, regarding a high risk hire, it always ends up not working out. It really has worked well for me and the company.

General Manager, Ira Lexus (Group 1 Automotive)
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