The Client Problem

One of the top five auto dealer groups was experiencing a tremendous amount of sales turnover. With over 7,500 employees spread out among 100+ car dealerships across the United States, processes and systems were not always consistent across the board. This was never more present than in the interviewing and selection process of salespeople. Many of the general managers in the dealerships were hiring people on-site without evaluating whether or not the individual had the skill set to actually perform well in the job. Other GMs took a more scientific approach, or so they thought, administering standard personality profiles—such as DiSC, Predictive Index, and a host of others—to their candidates to evaluate if the candidate could perform well in the role in question. Both approaches—hiring on the spot and hiring based on the results of personality profiles—yielded less than favorable results. They would hire approximately 25 salespeople for a new recruiting class, spend 4–6 weeks training them, and then lose 90 percent of those trained within 90 days.

The ZERORISK HR Solution

With the assistance of ZERORISK HR, the client began a process whereby the ZERORISK Hiring System assessment was administered to all of ​its salespeople and identified groups of high, medium, and low-level performers based on their sales numbers. This process established benchmarks for success, which were then utilized to compare future candidates to determine their fit, their areas of needed development and growth, and the most effective ways to communicate with and motivate the individual once hired. In addition to the benchmarks, many interesting findings came out of this study. Key differences were found among people ​who were successful selling new versus used cars, as well as selling luxury versus non-luxury cars.

The Bottom Line Result

Their first recruiting class using the ZERORISK Hiring System to assist in the interviewing and selection process consisted of 13 people; as of 1 year later, 10 were still in the job and performing at a high level. The second recruiting class consisted of 24 new hires, and as of a year later, 23 were still on the job performing at a high level. After using the ZERORISK Hiring System for hiring salespeople for 1 year, the client increased retention by 67 percent and added $32 million to the bottom line in reduced turnover costs and increased sales.

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