The Client Problem

One of the nation's largest providers of medical software solutions was experiencing unusually high turnover in all areas of the organization. They employed physicians, nurses, coders, software developers, and a variety of other professionals. Due to the technical nature of their software products, they thought that the real-life knowledge and experience from nurses and doctors would be beneficial in the leadership and management roles in the company, as well as helpful in selling this type of software. So they hired only for this technical skill and educational background. What they soon learned was that while these employees had the education and technical skill, they had a serious lack of management competence and sales skills inside the organization. Turnover was rising, especially turnover within the first year of employment.

The ZERORISK HR Solution

Needing to address this problem, they implemented the ZERORISK Hiring System to assist in their evaluation of candidates and utilized the results to guide their interviewing and selection process. This program provided needed interview training and guidance to the hiring managers. Additionally, ZERORISK HR staff consulted with the client's leadership team to better resolve employee relations issues as a result of a lack of management competencies within the organization. Managers were provided emotional intelligence coaching and were consulted on how to best manage, communicate, and lead their direct reports.

The Bottom Line Result

Within 1 year of implementing the ZERORISK Hiring System and the emotional intelligence-based management development programs, overall turnover dropped by 48 percent and turnover of employees leaving within 1 year of their hire date by 81 percent.

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