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The ZERORISK Hiring System is the key to building a strong, reliable, and successful company culture by identifying the right fit and top talent. All of our products are based on the foundation of the ZR Profile, which goes beyond measuring personality traits and objectively measures emotional intelligence competencies. Emotional intelligence identifies biases and clarity in one's thinking patterns that allow an individual to make sound decisions.

Having employees with high levels of emotional intelligence is the most accurate way to create a strong company culture. Whether you are using the ZERORISK Hiring System, our leadership development programs, or our workforce planning tools, let ZERORISK HR help you create a company culture that is going to grow your business and help you reach your goals.

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ZERORISK HR helps organizations build great cultures by identifying, developing, and retaining top talent. We do this by providing talent management solutions for pre-employment testing and pre-employment assessment services, leadership development programs that are comprehensive and easy to understand, and workforce planning tools that enhance an organization's overall performance with bottom-line results. ZERORISK HR believes in a world where people love their jobs, bosses, and company culture—a world where businesses innovate, grow, and contribute to the betterment of the community, the economy, and the world.

Whether you need to improve your hiring process, reduce unwanted turnover, increase retention, impact critical key performance indicators (KPIs), improve the communication and effectiveness of a team, or implement an employee development program, ZERORISK HR can be your valued business partner to help accomplish your business goals and create a culture of success.

The ZERORISK Hiring System pairs science and technology to help you easily manage the hiring process utilizing a revolutionary values-based thinking science (the ​science of axiology) that goes beyond measuring personality traits and behavior to uncover and measure critical emotional intelligence competencies. Using our proprietary talent data analytics software, the ZERORISK Hiring System accurately measures the core competencies that correlate to success in each job to help lower unwanted turnover and positively impact key performance indicators through a targeted selection approach. Learn More

Offering professional development to your employees is one of the best ways to retain and develop your team. Our leadership development programs will help develop your top talent into leaders. We have three different programs available: Team and Communication Development Program, Manager Development Program, and Individual Employee Development Program. Each program is customized to the individual or team's goals based on that person's specific emotional intelligence competencies. Learn More

Before a company can get to where they want to go, they must first determine their current "longitude and latitude," which is why we offer the ZERORISK Human Capital Audit. The audit identifies, through objective means, the overall culture, strengths, and "blind spots" of your company as a whole and of each department/team. ZERORISK HR will go over the results of your audit and provide consulting to help you achieve business objectives like defining core competencies that lead to success, identifying employee training and development needs, establish​ing effective teams, and more. Learn More

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Our Clients

  • Since we began using the ZERORISK Hiring System, our retention has jumped from 10% to 77%. And not only do the employees stay longer, but they are more productive, catch on more quickly, and require less training time.

    HR Director
  • We want to express our appreciation for the valuable contribution you made to our HR team. Your training has given us new tools to improve our skills in the identification of human talent. It was a very dynamic and interesting training ... especially useful!

    Training & Development Director
  • The Clear Direction Team Directory consistently helps us improve our understanding of our team members' strengths and weaknesses to achieve maximum communication, resulting in cohesiveness necessary to achieve our business objectives.

    Senior Vice President
  • When I took the ZR Profile, I was truly amazed. It provided some of the most penetrating, accurate, and immediately helpful information I have ever received about myself. I can and do recommend the program to any individuals who are looking for development insight.

    Management Psychologist
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