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Hire right the
first time.

80% of competencies that predict success on the job are related to emotional intelligence.
But most hiring assessments available on the market overlook this key indicator.

Learn how the ZERORISK™ Hiring System

Real Results

Nothing demonstrates success more than real results. Whether you want to hire the best fit, increase employee engagement, or reduce turnover, the ZERORISK Hiring System is proven to be the best tool.

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Powered by Science

Combining the Nobel-nominated science of axiology with artificial intelligence, we’ve created a hiring system that measures emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) to maximize job fit and minimize turnover. ​

The ZERORISK Hiring System is the only hiring assessment that measures individual biases and clarity of thinking, making it the most accurate hiring and selection tool available. 


Request a trial ZERORISK Assessment and learn how your business can use EQ to make the most accurate hiring decisions.


The ZERORISK Hiring System is the only hiring assessment that objectively measures emotional intelligence quotient (EQ). 


Transform your employees into a high performing team with customized leadership and development programs and workshops.



Reduce turnover, increase job compatibility, and advance your hiring and selection process into an award-winning model.

More Than A Hiring Tool

ZERORISK is the only emotional intelligence assessment that supports the entire employee life cycle. Use for hiring, development, and retention.

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