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Team Development
is Vital

Hiring is only the beginning of building great teams, it is critical for you to focus on team and employee advancement. Team development is a multi-step process that require specific actions of the leader in your organization in Dallas. When company’s develop leadership skills in employees, this result in the whole team making informed decisions, collaborating more and improving operations.  

One proven method to development employees into future leaders is to provide education and training to become tomorrow’s leaders. We have a variety of development tools and programs to help you develop employees, retain and advance your team.


Evaluate Company Culture

The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Culture Audit is designed to identify, through objective means, the overall culture, strengths, and blind spots of your company, as well as of each department/team. 


Develop Current Leaders

This customized leadership development coaching program is for managers with direct reports. The program includes six months of bi-weekly eLessons and a monthly coaching call. This program can be led by an in-house coach or a ZERORISK HR Consultant.


Team Leader Instruction Manual

Armed with the Team Directory Report, learn how to interact and communicate with each of your team members based on their unique motivations.


Develop Tomorrow's Leaders

This customized coaching program is designed for developing employees. The program includes six months of bi-weekly eLessons, a monthly coaching call and can be lead by an in-house coach or a ZERORISK HR Consultant.

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