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Our Story

ZERORISK HR helps organizations build great cultures by identifying, developing, and retaining top talent. 

ZERORISK HR was founded in 1998 by International Risk Management Institute (IRMI). While researching employment practice liability claims, IRMI found that companies with theft and injuries, poor morale, high turnover, low sales, or poor customer service had hired employees who were not a good fit for the company, the position, or the manager.

This discovery led Bill McIntyre, Chairman of IRMI, and Jack Gibson, President and CEO of IRMI, to expand their risk management expertise to Human Resources. They made it their goal to fill the risk management void when it came to human capital. In order to bring their vision to life, they partnered with Dr. Robert Kinsel Smith to secure the rights to the Hartman-Kinsel Profile. They also recruited Mike Poskey to lead the operations of the company as President.

McIntyre and Gibson chose the Hartman-Kinsel Profile because it was unique, could not be manipulated, and was superior to the standard personality tools available in the marketplace. With the help of Smith and Poskey, the ZERORISK Hiring System was formed. Based on the Nobel-nominated science of axiology, this behavioral evaluation allowed ZERORISK HR to build the first hiring assessment that objectively measures thinking clarity, also known as emotional intelligence or EQ.

Now based in Plano, Texas, the ZERORISK Hiring System is used worldwide and has been validated for over 500 different job titles across 25 industries. ZERORISK HR continually adds features to the program and is currently working on integrating data analytics and artificial intelligence to the Hiring System.

Meet the Team 


Stokes McIntyre


Mike Poskey

President and CEO

Dr. Robert Kinsel Smith

Senior Adviser

Michelle Lima

VP of Operations

Alan Jones

Software Architect

Chelsea Shipp, SHRM-CP

HR Services Manager
Kim Shipp_full_edited.jpg

Kim Shipp

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