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solved the hiring equation.

Combining the Nobel-nominated science of axiology  to objectively measure emotional intelligence with artificial intelligence for correlative analysis, the ZERORISK Assessment is the most accurate assessment for hiring, developing and retaining your best employees.


The Difference is
in The Science

The ZERORISK Assessment is based on the science of formal axiology. Formal axiology provides a structure for how people derive meaning, think, and make decisions that lead to behaviors and core motivations (i.e. emotional intelligence). The mathematics underlying the science produce significantly more precise and objective results than most psychologically based tests. 


Measure Thinking,
Not Personality

The significance of emotional intelligence is best reflected through employee performance. Emotional intelligence can identify both the unique biases and clarity in thinking that allow an individual to make sound decisions. In addition to the relationship with their direct manager, employee success comes down to their natural inclination to be conscientious of the things their role requires they pay attention to, as well as capacity to consistently exercise clear and logical judgment. Clarity in thinking and ability to regulate and influence emotions are the competencies that separate top performers from low performers, particularly when under stress.


The ZERORISK Hiring System uses the science of axiology to measure the emotional intelligence of your candidates. The data is then compared to various performance metrics and competencies that have statistically proven to correlate to job success. The system instantly provides an easy-to-use report using predictive analytics via artificial intelligence to illustrate the potential success that individual could have in the role and within the organization.

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