The ZR Assessment Is Different from All Other Pre-Employment Tools

The ZR Assessment is an exercise consisting of 72 items divided into four tasks. For each task, the candidate is asked to rank 18 items or statements from "best" to "worst." The first two tasks are the Hartman Value Profile, and the second two tasks are Dr. Robert Kinsel Smith's adaptation of the Hartman Value Profile to late 20th century language and concepts. It takes most people less than 20 minutes to complete the assessment.

Measures Thinking, Not Behaviors or Personality

The ZR Assessment is different from all other pre-employment assessment systems because it objectively measures how a person thinks, and it does not require the candidate to engage in self-analysis. Everyone has a unique pattern of thinking that leads him or her to think one thing or choice is better than another. All people assign higher values to some things than others, and these valuations are assigned in consistent patterns.

The ZERORISK Hiring System measures this pattern of how the candidate values different things, people, and himself or herself. From the candidate's unique pattern, the resulting Candidate Profile & Behavioral Interview Guide tells you such things as:

  • Does the candidate prefer to work alone or with others?
  • Does the candidate willingly follow rules and procedures or rebel against them?
  • Is the candidate strong enough to handle criticism or rejection?

Based on Math and Science

The formal science ("formal axiology") behind the ZR Assessment provides significantly more precise and objective results than most psychologically based tests.

  • The mathematics underlying the science allow for a short questionnaire and fast analysis of the results.
  • It does not require the candidate to engage in self-analysis, substantially eliminating test trauma and "fudging" of answers.
  • The simplicity of the questionnaire makes it easy to administer.
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