The ZERORISK Hiring System

  1. Based on math and science: The ZERORISK Hiring System blends a revolutionary science with state-of-the-art technology to help companies build great cultures and reduce unwanted employee turnover, improve employee performance, and manage human capital.
  2. Measures thinking, not personality: Using our proprietary values-based pre-hire testing program, the ZERORISK Hiring System goes beyond measuring personality traits and behavior by objectively measuring your candidate's value structure and emotional intelligence competencies.
  3. Easy-to-use talent management software: The pre-hire testing and talent management software quickly allow recruiters and hiring managers to compare each candidate to the value patterns and emotional intelligence competencies of top performers to determine the candidate's likelihood of success.
  4. Customized behavioral interview guide for each candidate: The ZERORISK Hiring System immediately generates a customized interview strategy and legally reviewed behavioral interview guide for each candidate to assist in maximizing each interview.
  5. Hiring benchmarks for quick and easy comparison: The ZERORISK Hiring System comes with access to more than 500 successful hiring benchmarks across 25 industries. These can easily be customized to your company with the establishment of successful hiring benchmarks based on your top performers using our talent data analytics software.

Simple 3-Step Process

The system provides a pre-employment assessment, objectively measuring your candidate's emotional intelligence competencies​, allowing you to determine the best fit for the role and your organization. This ​Web-based assessment only takes about 15 minutes and cannot be manipulated. The candidate's results are emailed to you immediately.

The results provide easy visuals to see strengths and weaknesses, development opportunities, and a tailored behavioral interview guide for the hiring process.

Quickly compare multiple candidates for the same position. The ZERORISK Hiring System comes with access to more than 500 successful hiring benchmarks in more than 25 industries. The program can be easily customized to your company with the establishment of successful hiring benchmarks based on your top performers.

Using the custom behavioral interview questions generated by the ZERORISK Hiring System for each candidate, you will be able to conduct a highly effective behavioral interview to determine if the candidate is the right fit for your organization. Pair this with the above steps, and you're ready to start hiring the right people!

The ZERORISK Hiring System has been proven to reduce unwanted turnover by more than 100 percent and theft and workers compensation claims by more than 50 percent.

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Behavioral Interview Guides

Each candidate's results come with a customized behavioral interview guide, complete with specific questions that are tailored to the candidate's strengths and weaknesses, making the interview process much easier for the hiring manager. Learn More.

ATS Integration

Integrating the ZERORISK Hiring System with your applicant tracking system is easy. We can provide you with an API that allows for quick and seamless integration and are already partnered with a number of leading HR ​applicant ​tracking ​systems. Learn More.

Training & Support

As a ZERORISK Hiring System user, you will have access to webinars, training courses, articles, and tools on industry best practices, and support from our Client Services team. Learn More.

Case Studies

Our clients have had outstanding success, and many have reported increased sales, reduction in turnover, and increased customer service satisfaction ratings after adopting the ZERORISK Hiring System. Read More.


Have more questions about how the system works, how to use it in your hiring process, or the ROI on using pre-employment assessments?​ Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. Read More.

Benchmark Reports

With access to over 500 successful hiring benchmarks in more than 25 industries, you will be able to compare candidate results to the correlating success benchmark to quickly determine the likelihood of the candidate's ability to perform the job successfully. Read More.

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