The ZERORISK Hiring System Makes Interviewing Easy

The talent management software immediately produces a customized interview strategy and legally reviewed behavioral interview guide for each candidate to assist in maximizing each interview. This is not a generic guide, nor is it static. The guide is generated based on each candidate's ZR profile results and has been customized to the candidate's thinking.

Behavioral interview questions help you uncover the content of a person's value structure and how they use it in a working environment. These types of questions will give answers that reveal the candidate's past behavior, which is the best indicator of future behavior in a similar context.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides structure and consistency to the hiring process
  • Decreases exposure to employment practices liability
  • Expedites interviewer prep time
  • Provides industry‚Äč-specific interview guides for targeted interviewing
  • Provides training and guidance to inexperienced interviewers
Download ‚Äča Sample Guide
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What are our clients saying?

We love using the behavioral interview questions contained in the candidate report since they relate to the competencies of the candidate and the position. We've lowered turnover by over 35%. The results are incredible!

Vice President of HR, Elgin State Bank

The ZERORISK Hiring System helps us pin down specific behavioral interview questions to ask, what to look for in the candidate's responses, and has cut the interview time in half while being more effective.

Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Winvest Financial
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